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NFC & RFID Cards...the basics

Question #1: What is RFID and NFC?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. RFID tags contain a chip for storage and an antenna communicating via a radio signal.

NFC stands for near-field communication. A newer form of RFID technology that NFC card can store data and communicate with smartphones from a close distance without contact. 

Question #2: What type of RFID / NFC Card do I need?

The type of card you need depends on the application.

The newer NFC NTAG cards are commonly used to tap to your phone and a website opens, or an app store. These can be used for promotional and marketing applications. And are a great way to promote your business.  The applications for this type of card  are growing to include payment and access.

The standard Mifare, Mifare Ultralight, or Mifare Compatible card are usually used for a security applications. They are tipically used for hotel locks, bus passes, and simple pass-through information.

Question #3: Uses of NFC and RFID cards?

Because of their powerful technology and versatility, NFC cards and RFID cards can be used for many different purposes. Some of our most popular options are:

Hotel Key Card that Doubles as a Contactless Card

Promotional Tool

NFC technology can be used to send information straight to smartphones. This functionality is incredibly useful for displaying your brand and getting information to customers! Promoting your business has never been easier.

  • Incredibly impactful when used as a business card
  • Send customers coupons or promotions
  • Track loyalty and rewards points
  • Transfer contact information
  • Give them more information about a product or service

NFC Cards & RFID Cards...Just the stats

96% of retailers have plans to start tagging apparel with RFID technology.

78% of customers in the US own a smartphone, which are compatible with NFC cards.

90% of smartphone owners use their devices while in-store.

There are over 92 million RFID cards currently in use.

RFID technology increases accuracy, from an average of 65% to more than 95%.

RFID access control systems are the number 1 most used access system.


Common Questions

Typical questions pertaining to smart cards.

What are NFC cards used for?

The NFC technology gives you the ability to use your contactless card in a variety of different ways. Some of these include:

  • Giving your contact information to potential customers
  • Sending customers coupons
  • Tracking loyalty and rewards points
  • Providing safe and secure access
  • Offering wireless communication

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Why are these cards sometimes called smart cards?

RFID and NFC cards are sometimes referred to as smart cards because of the technology they have inside. Smart cards are equipped with the ability to transmit data wirelessly.

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Can I use NFC with my Digital Business Card?

Yes!  NFC cards excel at delivering digital business card information to clients and prospects wirelessly to their smartphones.

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Can NFC and RFID cards come in a custom shape?

Yes! Creating custom shaped products is one of our specialties! If you're interested in a custom shaped NFC card, talk to one of our project consultants to get a shape unique to you.

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What are the benefits of using smart cards?

Smart cards are designed to help you, your company and your customers. The contactless feature helps make everyday tasks convenient and secure for you and your customers. Whether it be accessing a room, transferring information or creating an interactive customer experience - these multi-faceted tools are here to assist you in boosting your business.

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What is an RFID card used for?

You've probably held an RFID card before and did not even know it! An RFID chip card is commonly used for access control, so you may have used one during your stay at a hotel. Hotels frequently use them as key cards as they are a safe way to provide guests access to their rooms.

Another place you might have seen them or used them is in retail stores. RFID technology has become a popular way to track and manage inventory. Helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency!

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Our Happy Clients Say...

Our professional customers come from every industry imaginable and they rave about the products we created for them.

“Thank you Plastic Printers for delivering a superb design of my new custom shaped business cards and for helping make my event special. Everyone loved the new design and asked where I had them made.”

Eddie Wynne

PGA Head Golf Professional - University of Minnesota Golf Club

“The card is a direct reflection of the quality of our business as reliable, credible and trustworthy. People literally say, "Wow. You don't throw THIS away" when we hand them out."

Trevor Caster

President - Caster Investment Group

“Every element of these cards were designed to be accurate to 1/1000 of an inch, and I can tell there was no deviation among them, because they're all clear! This is the quality of work I was looking for, something I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve elsewhere.”

Rashad Nasir

CEO & Director of Web Operations - ThinkCode

“Our plastic cards set us apart from the competition! We always have people asking us to provide extra cards for their family. We ordered our plastic card because we wanted something that was different and provided a value other than just simply our contact information.”

Jeff Randall

President - TransEquitorial Solutions

“The quality of the card is superb, and really helps us stand out. Design Management Group is extremely happy with the investment we made in our plastic business cards.”

Ryan McCroskey

Owner - Design Management Group

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