Example of custom promo cards from Plastic Printers, Inc.

Custom Promo Cards

They are intended for just that, promoting your business to entice current and new customers to sample your products or services.

Promo cards increase revenue by attracting and rewarding customers.

Customers generally spend more than the value of the promotion, which is why companies large and small invest in promo cards for their business. It keeps your customers coming in again and again, if it is that good they will share it with others too.

Everyone loves a good promotion!

How many times have you gone back into your favorite store because the mailed you a $5 promo card, or dropped one in your bag on your last purchase for $30 off a $50 purchase. If they work on you, they are bound to work on your customers too!

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Example of promo cards

The best Promotional Products ever!

Promo cards are a no brainier in any business, as with technology now people love to message and tweet others when they get something awesome.Word of mouth referrals are gold, promo cards also get your customers back in your doors quicker and more consistently.

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Example of promotional products from Plastic Printers, Inc.

Die Cut Promo Cards

Show off your business, and what you do best! A unique shape makes your cards that much more exciting, We'll create a custom shape just for you. Just ask our friendly consultants how to get started today.


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Example of die cut promo cards

Which Promotional Programs are right for your business?

With so many opportunities to touch your clients, we can take our decades of experience to help brainstorm the right promotional products and/or promotional program for your business. There are many to choose from Discounts, Rewards, Package Deals, Business Cards, VIP and of course Promotions.

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Example of promo cards for McDonalds

Premium Products or Services?

Incorporate metallic features or make your cards silver, gold, platinum, or really transcend promo cards by making portions transparent or the whole card clear. We love taking your plastic card look to the next level!


How can we help you?

Use our creative team of out of the box thinkers to help you find an innovative promo card option for your business.

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Who's getting amazing promotional products lately?

Customizing your plastic promo cards is fun and exciting—and should never be overwhelming. It is our goal to make it easy for you. Whether you have an idea for your promo card or need an idea, we are here to help.

Promo Key Tags for Sonic


Breanna C. hands out promo key tags to reward her vip members for spending their money with their location.

Movie Theater Promo Card Design

Movie Theaters

Janet O. has custom promo cards that encourage customers to stop at the concession stand and buy some treats before their movie.

Promo Key Tags with Punch Card Slots

Fitness Centers

Hannah D. designed promo key tags that highlight a different product in the yoga studio and helps encourage customers to keep buying that product.

Dental Promo Card Design

Dental Offices

Nima H. designed their promo card to contain a nice discount to incentivize new customers to try their services.

Promo Card Printing - Helpful Tips
Plastic Card Experts

Promo Card Tips

Reflect your business with your promo card design. Use your logo and design elements to create a promo card that your customers will recognize as your brand's.

Indicate the value of your promo on the card - this will help customers know exactly what they are getting when they use your custom promo cards.

Your promotional products doesn't have to be a card. Promo key tags are a great alternative to cards because they conveniently travel everywhere your customers do.

Trending Promo Card Features

At Plastic Printers, we are professionals at creating engaging plastic promo cards that help boost revenue and grow your customer base. Some of our most popular features are custom shapes, transparencies, key tags, and pos compatibility.

Promo card in a custom shape to look like a ticket

Custom Shapes

Create a one-of-a-kind look that's unique to your business by using custom shapes. Custom shaped cards are highly memorable, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Clear cards with a QR code


Using clear or frosted features are a great way to make your custom cards stand out. Clear accents can be used to highlight your industry, distinguish your logo, and create an elevated design.

Promo Key Tags in the Shape of a Circle

Key Tags

Ensure your customers always have your promo cards with them by using key tags. Promo key tags are convenient for your customers because they fit on key rings, making them a great way to raise brand awareness. 

Promo card printing in a circle shape with a barcode

POS Compatibility

Get the most out of your plastic promo cards by adding a barcode, magnetic stripe, or QR code to the card so they work seamlessly with your POS.

An experience worth sharing.

The cards are used for promotion in hopes that people will continue to pass them along and these will stand the test of time and durability with being potentially passed to dozens of new prospects.
Mike Colon

Blue Collar Black Book

Mike Colon from Blue Collar Black Book

Promo Card Inspiration Gallery


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