Customer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are the single best way to get the word out about your business to attract new customers, reward loyal customers while tracking their spending and buyer behaviors.

Loyalty card programs increase revenue while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction.

Loyalty customer engagement programs are designed to build a lifelong relationship with your customers by providing a personalized experience, also making it easier for you to market to their individual needs long-term.

Frequent Flyer Cards

Numerous airlines have frequent-flyer programs designed to encourage customers enrolled in their program to accumulate points or miles which may then be redeemed for air travel or other rewards. A frequent-flyer card is a loyalty program usually offered by an airline.

Example of frequent flyer cards

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Allow guests to earn either points redeemable for discounts, future stays, or other fabulous prizes. When there is a perk to staying with you, even if it is just free breakfast your guests feel valued and remain loyal to your brand. It's the little things sometimes that count the most.

Example of hotel loyalty program cards

Loyalty Card Design

We are here to help make your Loyalty Program a Success! Our professionals are here to assist you in developing an amazing design concept or loyalty card program idea.

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Loyalty Card Program Tip

Require your loyalty card to be scanned in order for customers to receive the loyalty discount. You are able to track their past purchases. Many pharmacies, gas stations and supermarkets loyalty card programs allow accumulation of fuel discounts, or some agree to donate a percentage of sales to a designated charity.


Features that make your Loyalty Card stand out

Your loyalty cards can be as unique as your business! We can integrate them with your current software, individually code or number them, scratch off rewards, make them punch cards, have QR codes, a barcode or magnetic stripe, or we can design it in a unique shape exclusive to your business.

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Wanting to reward loyal customers?

Check out VIP Cards, Membership Cards, Discount Cards and Reward Cards for other fun alternatives to loyalty cards. These are great ways to bring customers in again and again to spend more with you.

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