Membership Key Tags

Use your key tags to create a membership program that makes your customers feel valued, boosts revenue and promotes growth. Bring your brand to life with custom key tags. 

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Membership Key Tags

Increase engagement and customer loyalty within your business with a personalized membership program. We can customize your key tags to work with any type of program in any industry. Thousands of designs and shapes available.

Health Club

Provide your members with a simple and convenient way to check-in before their workout. This will save you time and it gives you the ability to focus on sustaining a relationship with your customers.

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Spa & Salon

Give your client's that extra touch of relaxation by tracking their purchases. Tracking purchases allows you to personalize your service to their specifications giving them an superior experience.

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Fitness Classes

Account for how frequently people attend your fitness studio with barcode key tags. Scan each customer's key tag when they check-in to keep track of who is participating in your class.

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Key tags are the perfect replacement for manual check-in since they can hold each member's account information, track customer purchases, save time and withstand repeated use. 

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Organizations & Associations

Membership key tags encourage involvement and promote the cause of your association. Increasing awareness will help create community support for your organization.

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Breweries & Wineries

Use your custom key tags to examine your member's wine or beer preferences. This will allow you to reward your loyal customers with special offers, discounts or prizes that pertain to their specific taste.

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Products to Compliment your Membership Key Tags

Here's a few things membership key tags can be pair with to amplify results including membership cards, gift cards and loyalty cards, VIP, member event solutions, "Smart Connect" or specialty card printers.

Multi-Location Solution:

Smart Connect: Membership is our solution to the difficult job of tracking and maintaining membership initiatives.

Smart Connect

Membership Card Options

In addition to your key tag, offer a membership card to get twice as much exposure and increases membership retention. Use your combo cards to extend deals, promotions or membership program opportunities to the local community.

Membership Cards

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Offering gift cards and loyalty cards to your members is a great way to reward your loyal customers. Giving them discounts or "free money" will encourage them to come back and help cultivate a lifelong relationship.

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VIP and Member Events Solutions

Having an exclusive event for members only? Give your members a VIP experience with custom badges. Not only do event passes make your members feel valued, they also increase the safety and security within your special event.

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Personalize Cards on Location

Our specialty card printers allow you to instantly issue new cards to members without having to wait for an order minimum. Personalize your cards with photos, text, barcodes, magnetic stripes or NFC technology to create a membership card that suits your needs.

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