Hotel Key Cards & Key-less Access

Plastic access and hotel key cards are the future of security, convenience and reliability for the hospitality industry and residential complexes.

Plastic hotel key cards stores a physical or digital signature which the door mechanism accepts before disengaging the lock

There are several common types of keycards including barcode, magnetic stripe, smart card, RFID proximity cards, and even mechanical holecard.

Access Card with Holes

A type of keycard system that upon insertion of the card LEDs through a pattern of holes in the card will trigger the release of the doors lock for access to ones hotel room, storage unit, condo or apartment.

Example of hotel access key cards with holes

Key Cards with Photo Identification

Keycards may also serve as ID cards. We print high resolution identifications for your business to place over keyfobs, RFID cards or smart cards and make sure they are customized for easy use and access.

Example of key cards with photo identification

Magnetic Strip Key Card

These hotel key cards function by running the magnetic stripe over a sensor that reads the contents of the strip and when it matches it permits access.

Example of magnetic strip key card

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