Examples of Custom Clear Business Cards From Plastic Printers.

Frosted Business Cards

Not only do frosted business cards look unique, they also feel remarkably different than any standard business card, which makes them memorable to your current and future customers. Opt for a partial satin finish, or create a bold look with a printed image. The options are endless!

The choice is clear. Frosted business cards have that "Wow" factor.

As a variation of our clear business cards, frosted cards offer a matte look and feel, which gives your card an elevated finish. Our team of meticulous printers have perfected this premium look through collective years of experience, and we're ready to create a stunning design for you!

Variable Business Card Printing

Once they see it, your new frosted business cards will be the envy of the whole office. With our variable printing option, you don't have to choose who gets the upgraded look. We can customize your box so that everyone gets only the quantities they need.

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Example of a Custom Frosted Business Card with a Color Accent for the University of Oxford

Frosted Business Card Design

Our frosted business card option can be completely customized to fit your business's branding. Choose from partial satin options, colored accents, foil stampings, or even a frosted printed image. Our graphic design team can incorporate your existing logo and contact information into your new card, or we can create an entirely new fresh look. 

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Example of a Frosted Plastic Business card with a custom design.

Die Cut Business Cards

Your business is different. You don't want to be compared to your competition, you want to blow them out of the water. That's why you need a business card that not only conveys your unique style, but stands out. Choose from the variety of unique shapes already created, or design something completely custom to you.

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Examples of a Custom Frosted Business Card

Custom Frosted Business Cards

Business cards are often the first impression your customers will have of your company. What does your current business card design say about you?

Frosted business cards offer an innovative and professional look, while also being durable and high-quality. 

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Example of Frosted Business Cards for a Bridal Botique

An experience worth sharing.

We deal with athletes "in the field" on a daily basis. Our plastic business cards solved the issue of the card becoming a soaking wet mess from post-race triathletes.
Richard Hendry

Investing 4 Athletes


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