ID Badge & ID Card

Keep your business or event secure with custom name badges, id badges, id cards. Available to print on site.

Name Badges ensure secure access to only those who should have it.

ID badges add security and convenience to any business, whether a school, hospitals, private club or event center, police department, bank, apartment/condo complex or large corporation.

Name Badges

Include information like first name, last name, employee/membership number, department. We can customize your badges with your logo too.

Example of ID Badge for Baron Aviation by

Display Options

Increase security by having employees or event attendees readily display their id or name badge, by having a circle hole or slit to hang from a clip, bungee or lanyard. Yes, we have them too!

Example of Plastic ID Badges for Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers

Scannable Check-in

Name badges, medical id or id badges used to check someone in to a secure location, a place of employment or an event can have a barcode or be layered on top of key fobs or a smart card chip.

Example of Scannable ID Badge Card for Kastle Systems

Photo Identification

Of course, we would love to help you improve security at your school district, hospital or corporation by including photo images on each badge. Need different images on each card? No problem!

Example of Photo ID Badge Card for NYSE Euronext

ID Card Printer

Print your ID cards right from your desktop, ask how easy this can be. We can print a custom ID badge so all you have to do is print the name, number and/or image upon hire.

Quantity Discounts

We have great price break options when you require more. We can also provide multiple badges for hundreds and thousands of different people and back ups if you need them.

Let’s get started on your custom ID name badges.

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