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Smart Connect: Program 

Purpose built by the gift and loyalty program experts at Plastic Printers. Our Smart Connect system is the solution for the often difficult task of managing multi-location, multi-department, franchise or enterprise gift card, loyalty card and membership programs.  Smart Connect helps ensure the compatibility of your program and provides consistent performance without conflicts or duplication throughout your organization.  Smart Connect also adds the ability to track and report on program participation, client usage, campaigns and many other key measurable data your business may require.

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Multi-Location Program Management

Designed to handle, organize and coordinate the often complex requirements of multi-department, multi-location and franchise businesses.

Engineered to track and control numbers, artwork, campaigns and more in order to easily maintain program infrastructure, adapt to changes and facilitate the flow of communication.


Brand Consistency

We know how important brand consistency is and the daunting task it can be to enforce throughout an organization.  Smart Connect is setup to establish brand guideline consistency between locations including logos, variations in design, color, price and more between separate locations. 


Order History and Tracking

Report on campaigns, department, location use and more to ensure efficiency, process control and monitor the success of your program. Predictable implementation, restocking and order management.


Coordinated Distribution

We're built to handle complicated projects and distribution scenarios with ease. Our Smart Connect program combined with our experienced logistics team ensures reliable, affordable and on-time delivery you can count on.


Group Discounted Rates

Leverage your Multi-location buying power!  Combine locations, multiple products and more to get the industry's best pricing.  Ask us about opportunities to monetize your program and products.


Smart Connect Solutions



Smart Connect: Business

Easy Office Procurement

Take your business cards and ID badges to the next level with unique and personalized designs without the hassle of tracking distribution or coordinating who gets what cards and when. Smart Connect makes ordering business cards and badges for your office a breeze.




Smart Connect: 

Gift and Loyalty

The flagship of Smart Connect, built to add all the missing pieces to take your gift card and loyalty program from a necessity to a successful, hassle free profit center.


Smart Connect: 

Membership and Event

The smart way to track and manage members, attendees and participants company wide or for individual events.  Works with event badges, key tags, membership cards and more.


Smart Connect: 


Smart Connect restaurant can do more than just coordinate gift card and loyalty card campaigns, we can track and maintain sophisticated menus, table collateral and more.

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