Custom Printed Plastic Key Tags for Your Business

Custom Plastic Key Tags

Plastic key tags offer your customers the unique opportunity to have your card with them at all times allowing them easy access and use, and a card that is rarely lost.

Plastic Key Tags, your customer can conveniently take with them everywhere they go.

There are unlimited business purposes for a key tag including loyalty and membership cards, promotional products for a trade show or event, labeling or pricing merchandise, even to keep track of attendance at meetings.

Do more members equal money?

If you own a retail shop, fitness center, yoga studio, spa or salon, grocery store, gas station, church, restaurant or any other membership-driven business key tag cards are a must!

Example of Membership Key Tag for Moksha Yoga

Key Tags Encoded to work with your POS

Available with barcode or QR code to track your members or provide secure access into your gym, fitness center or private club.

Example of POS Encoded Plastic Key Tag for Punch

Track Attendance

Key tags can work with an IPAD, computer or mobile device to track attendance at events, meetings, conventions and many other important corporate events . Use our Smart Connect tracking system to get extra reporting.

Example of Attendance Key Tag Card for The Boga

Discounts and Rewards

Give your loyal customers VIP treatment by allowing them to earn points or rewards by using their key tag with every purchase/visit to receive special offers, coupons or discounts.

Example of Rewards Key Tag Card for Burger Thyme

Who's getting amazing key tags lately?

Customizing your plastic key tag is fun and exciting—and should never be overwhelming. It is our goal to make it easy for you. Whether you have an idea for your key tag or need an idea, we are here to help.  Check out some other key tag accessories.

Promotional Key Tags for Photographers

Promotional Photographer Tags

Jared dazzles potential clients with his custom shaped key tag. By handing out his promotional key tags, his customers will display his brand wherever they go. Enhancing his brand's visibility!

Gym Membership Key Tag

Gym Membership Key Tags

Milton uses his fitness membership key tags to allow access to his fitness facility. Adding a barcode gave him the ability to track his members while simultaneously showcasing his gym.

Discover the Possibilities

Automotive Key Tags with a Writable Back

 Writable Automotive Key Tags

Jennifer identifies the different vehicles she is repairing with her plastic key tags. She incorporated a writable surface to label the vehicle's name, make, model and color on the back of her key tags.

Combo Cards for your Yoga Membership

Yoga Membership Card & Key Tag

Scott uses his key tags to track the attendance to his yoga classes. His membership key tags serve the purpose of checking yogis in and out of their class. So he knows who attends his class and how often they come.

Die Cut Key Tags

Choose from the hundreds of custom shaped key tags from our current portfolio. If you don't see a shape you like, we'll create a custom shape just for you.

View Our Gallery

Die Cut Key Tags in Every Shape and Size Imaginable!

Custom Designed Key Tags

Our team of talented designers can incorporate your logo, images or even make it in the shape of something meaningful like a basketball if you are a basketball club. 

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-808-7472

Custom Designed Key Tags

Trending Key Tag Features

At Plastic Printers we are experts at designing and printing eye-catching key tags that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Some of our most popular features include barcode key tags, custom shaped key tags, combo card, and numbered key tags. 

Capture Salon Barcode Key Tags custom key tags

Barcode Key Tags

Gain valuable data, track attendance or allow access to your facilities by adding a barcode to your plastic key tags. We work with a variety of POS systems to ensure your key tags will be encoded properly.

Custom Shaped Die Cut Key Tags

Custom Shaped Key Tags

Stand out from your competitors with custom shaped key tags!  Choose from our thousands of shapes or we can create one specifically for you.

Grocery Store Combo Card and Key Tag Membership Cards

Combo Cards and Key Tags

If you're looking for an amazing marketing tool on a budget, look no further than combo cards. Membership cards with breakaway options are convenient, affordable and flexible.

Numbered Key Tags and custom key tags

Numbered Key Tags

No matter what your business needs are, we will work with you to provide the best custom key tag for your business. We can add consecutive numbering, personalized information, pins and so much more.

Key Tags Inspiration Gallery


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Key Tags Tips

Use a durable material. These plastic cards undergo an extensive amount of wear and tear, so you want them to be able to withstand the elements.

Print in full color on both sides. Key tags have a limited amount of space, so you want to take advantage of the whole card.

Add your company information to your key tags to help make it easy for your customers to find their way back to you.

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