Custom Printed Parking Permit and Parking Passes

Parking Permit and Passes

Keep your business or event secure with a custom parking pass which makes it easy to track from afar if guests, employees, students or residents should be accessing a parking lot or structure.

Parking permits are a way to ensure safety and enforce violations when necessary; hanging tags from the rear view mirror or window clings are most common pass or permit types.

Parking passes and permits are desirable for residential areas like condos, apartments and HOAs, guest parking, hospitals, schools, universities, event centers and large or private corporations.

Parking Permits For Every Occasion

We create parking passes for every kinds of business and occasion. Our parking permits are completely customizable, allowing you to add all of the features that fit your needs.

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Parking passes printed by Plastic Printers

Custom Parking Permits

It is important to make it so your passes or permits cannot be easily replicated, let us help incorporate your logo, watermarks, unique numbers, or custom foil to make it undeniably impossible to duplicate.

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Example of Custom Parking Permits by Plastic Printers, Inc.

All Access Pass

Some parking passes only allow access to certain parts of a facility or building, and all access pass would need to be special and different in color or code to allow security to see from afar if someone is permitted.

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Example of parking pass printed by Plastic Printers

ID Parking Passes

Your passes don't have to be boring we can design them to impress visitors, members, and students with vibrant colors and our high-quality durable plastic. Designed custom for your hospitals, apartments, school and more.

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Example of parking permits from Plastic Printers


Die Cut Parking Passes

Choose from several custom shaped parking permits or have one made in the shape of your logo, mascot, or any unique shape you can think up.

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Who's getting amazing parking permits lately?

Parking permits can be used for a wide variety of things. Let's take a look at how a few of our recent customers are using their custom parking passes they received from Plastic Printers. 

Student parking permits for a high school

Student Parking Permits

Amy S. uses her parking permits to allow students to park in the high school parking lot. Her student parking permits conveniently hang from a car's rear-view mirror, allowing them to be easily checked by parking staff.

Resident parking permit for an apartment complex

Resident Parking Permit

Sam H. uses her parking passes to give residents at her apartment complex clearance to park in certain lots. The number at the top of her resident parking permit reflects the resident's apartment number, allowing her to ensure residents park in the right lot. 

Guest parking pass with writable panel

Guest Parking Pass

Ayesha A. uses her parking passes to identify guests in her parking lot. She uses a writable panel at the bottom of her guest parking pass so that management can write how long the pass is valid for to make life easier for her staff. 

Temporary parking permit printed on paper

Temporary Parking Permit

Ron S. uses his temporary parking permit to allow parking access in his park. His temporary parking permit is made of paper,  allowing it to be easily discarded at the end of the 24 hour parking period when the pass expires. 



Plastic Card Experts

Parking Permit Design Tips

Use features like writable panels, personalized printing, and barcodes to make enforcing your parking rules easier. 

Consider using custom shapes on your parking permit design to prevent people from trying to get away with using your lot with other parking permits. 

Know your options. Parking permits can be printed on plastic or paper; discuss your options with your project consultant to get the perfect parking pass for your needs. 


Trending Product Features

At Plastic Printers we take your custom parking permits to the next level with amazing features like barcodes, paper, custom shapes, and metallic elements.  

Parking permits with barcodes


Add an extra level of security to your parking lots by including barcodes on your custom parking passes. With barcodes, your parking permits can be scanned to allow easy access to those who need it, and keep others out. 

Custom parking permits in a custom shape for a high school

Custom Shapes

Add to your parking permit's design by using a custom shape. With custom shapes, your parking passes are completely unique, making it easy to identify your passes from those from other businesses. 

Resident parking permit for an apartment

Metallic Elements

Add a sense of class, elegance, or luxury to your parking passes by using metallic elements. By channeling the look of precious metals, you create a distinctive parking permit design that separates your permits from the rest. 

Parking pass on paper for a lake and resort


Write down when your parking pass expires, the name of the person the permit belongs to, and more by adding a writable panel to your parking passes. Writable panels can add to the security of your parking lot.

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