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Plastic Printers is partnering with many schools, districts, and learning centers to give our parents, students, and faculty access to PPE & Safety supplies you may need. Choose from numerous designs. If you have a design in mind for a sports team, classroom, or another group, feel free to request the design you desire thru the form below.

PPE kits with face shields, ear guards, and a face mask

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Flash cards for a school

Flash Cards

Work with your children or students on retaining information you teach with Flash Cards. ABC Flash Cards, First Words Flash Cards, and more available.

Cursive writing sheets

Learning How to Write Tools

Create interactive tools that assist young learners as they learn how to write. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bus tag for school children

Bus Tag

Learning to get on the correct bus can be a challenge for young children; help ensure your kids or students get on the right bus safely with Bus Tags.

Allergy tags

Allergy Tags

Help keep allergies at bay with the help of Allergy Tags. These tags clearly indicate your child's allergies to help keep them healthy and safe.

Plastic rulers for schools


These plastic rulers are easy and convenient to use. The perfect measurement tool for students of all ages.

Custom bookmarks for an academy


Help hold where young readers left off in books with Bookmarks! Customize your bookmarks to include names, schools, mascots, and more!

Bathroom pass with lanyard for an academy

Bathroom Pass with Lanyard

Identify students with permission to be out of class with a Bathroom Pass. The lanyard makes using the pass convenient for students.

School store punch cards

School Store Punch Cards

Encourage spending at the school store with School Store Punch Cards. These cards track purchases; once it has been fully punched, the student gets a reward.

Kids PPE Kits

Keep yourself, your children, or your students protected at school with Kids PPE Kits. They include a face mask, face shield, and an ear guard to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Customize the face shield and ear guard with your branding or a specific design.

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Kids Face Shield

Take additional safety precautions with a Kids Face Shield. These face shields provide a barrier of protection for the wearer and can be paired with a face mask for additional protection.

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Flash cards, name cards, writing tools, and bag tags

Let us help Customize your Learning Experience!

No need to print, laminate, or cut; we can do all the work for you. Send us a photo or layout of your idea.

For example, have a class list but need Name Tags for Desks for your Classroom, Bathroom Passes, and need them to be plastic and easy to sanitize versus paper. Let us know what you need, how many you need: we will create a special BUNDLE PACKAGE customized just for you! It’s that easy.

Good Behavior Punch Cards

Reward your children or students for good behavior with Good Behavior Punch Cards! Punch the cards to track good behavior, and once the card is full, they can trade it in for a reward.

Name Cards

Identify your students and have them practice writing their names with Name Cards. These cards can be fully customized to fit your requirements.

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We know that preparing for school can be difficult, especially during this challenging time. Let us know how we can help. Give us a call today; we are happy to set you up with a free consultation!

Other Unique Products we can help you, your School, Sports Team Club, or Business with

Library Cards

Make checking books in and out of a library a breeze with custom Library Cards! These cards can be customized to include specific branding, a logo, and even photos of members.

Lunch Cards

With a simple swipe or scan, Lunch Cards can allow students or staff to pay for their lunch. Customizable with a barcode, QR code, or magnetic stripe to ensure compatibility with the school's point of sale system (POS).

Parking Permits

Mark legally parked cars in the school parking lot with Parking Permits for students, faculty, and guests. Parking Permits help school staff enforce specific parking rules and regulations.

Fundraising Cards

Help raise money for your school, sports team, or club with Fundraising Cards. These cards are a timeless and effective way to generate revenue.

We Can Also Help The Following Industries:

  • College
  • University
  • Online School
  • Boarding School
  • Private Schools
  • Language Immersion Schools
  • Music School
  • School Library

  • School Store
  • School Food Service
  • School Sports
  • School Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic Printers is your source for solutions to even the most complex challenges. If you don't see the answer to your question below, our experts are standing by.

Are custom designs available?
Yes! We will professionally design your project to your branding and specifications. When you work with Plastic Printers, custom, professional designs are included.
Plastic Printers is so easy to work with, can I use them for other printing and marketing needs?
Of course! You’ll get the same service, quality and speed on all kinds of solutions. To name just a few, we make menus, ID badges, signage, key tags, brochures and so much more. Just let us know what your needs are and we'll take care of the rest.
Do you ship internationally?
Plastic Printers has partners and customers all over the globe! We ship products internationally every day and have the systems and experience to ensure successful delivery every time.
What if I have issues?
Plastic Printers stands behind everything we do; we make sure all issues are solved to your satisfaction. In addition to the dedicated agent working with you to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations, we have a team of quality assurance and customer success managers that are here to resolve and prevent any hiccups.
Can I order custom tools for multiple locations or departments?

Yes, we can handle orders for multiple locations or departments. Our program Smart Connect is designed to handle, organize, and coordinate the often complex requirements of multi-department and multi-location projects.

Can the educational tools be customized to fit the needs of my classroom?
Absolutely! We know that each school and classroom is different, and we'll work with you to find solutions that meet your exact needs. 
How fast will the cards be delivered?
Plastic Printers is the fastest in the business! With our formidable industry and marketplace experience, we have the knowledge and training to complete even the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. We get most orders out in a few days but you can always choose to upgrade or expedite your order to receive it even sooner. Standard shipping times average between 3-5 days.
Do I see proofs of my project before I make a purchase?
All designs and orders are sent to you for your approval or adjustments you'd like made prior to production.
How do I find out the status of an order?
At Plastic Printers, you have a dedicated agent that will help ensure the success of your order. You get ship and progress updates for your order and your agent is always there to answer any additional questions.
Why are Face Shields useful?
If a person is in a compromised environment, it is critical that the face is properly covered, to reduce the risk of exposure. Face Shields protect individuals from various pathogens by shielding the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Can you create products that students can write on?
Yes! We can create products that are writable so that you, your child, or your students can write on them. For example, we can create writable name tags, desk plates, learning tools, and more.
Does Plastic Printers make Student ID Badges?

Yes, we print both Student and Employee ID Badges. You can customize your badges with photos, your school's logo or mascot, colors, and so much more. We can also work with you to create badges that provide access to those who should have it. Let us know what you need, and we can bring your ID Badge project to life.

Plastic Printers is here for your school marketing needs

Working with Plastic Printers

  • Easy to work with!
  • Makes kitting PPE for groups or Classrooms simple.
  • Can customize Face Shields, Masks, and Ear Guards

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