Restaurant Gift Cards

Are you looking for a leg up in your restaurant marketing? Restaurant gift cards from Plastic Printers are a great way to put your unique brand on display for your customers while generating more revenue for your business.

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Whether it’s custom shapes, unique card features, or gift card display options, our design team will help you create a custom gift card solution for your restaurant!

We work with a variety of POS systems, such as Aldelo, Ciao, Micros, Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Pro, Super Menu, Touch Pro, Waiter, Lightspeed, Vend & Shopify (just to name a few) to ensure your new gift cards will be encoded properly to work seamlessly with your new or existing system.

We’re here to help you sustain or start your own gift card program and answer any questions you may have. Please schedule a consultation with us now to get started.

Custom Shape Combo Card for Bar Restaurant




Card Features

Take your restaurant advertising to a whole new level with special gift card features.

If you want your gift cards to elude excellence & quality, we can elevate your gift cards with features such as foil or thermal stamping which gives your cards exquisite shine. Looking for something a bit more subtle? Clear and transparent features can give your restaurant gift cards an awe-inspiring look that grabs any onlooker’s eye and will ultimately make your gift cards pop!

Not sure how to make it all come together? Our design experts will work with you to create a custom gift card that you and your customers will love!

Custom Shapes

Think outside the box with your gift card design! Show off your restaurant’s personality with unique custom gift cards, business cards, menus, drink specials, coasters and other fun marketing tools in the shape of your logo, a signature menu item, or other meaningful shapes to your restaurant.

If you can imagine it, we can customize it into a gift card shape just for you, and turn your restaurant’s gift cards into something people will want to purchase just as much as your food!

Display Options

Marketing your restaurant’s gift cards is all about presentation, so we’re here to help you create the best display option for your business.

We can print your gift cards to hang, attach them to a hanging piece, or design them to slide into an envelope, sleeve, or into a backer that can be displayed on a stand. We can even customize the stand insert and backer to match your branding as well.

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