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Provide a convenient, reliable and secure way to access your hotel with key cards. Compliment your key with key card holders or sleeves. We design and print your key cards, holders and other accessories to meet your unique goals and requirements.

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Hotel Key Card

Whether you want to learn how to enhance your card into a promotional tool or upgrade your key card technology; we have all the tools you need to elevate your hotel marketing plan.

Promotional Hotel Key Cards

Use your key cards for paid advertising for other companies, events or conferences. By placing a couple of ads onto your key card or key card holder, they can help pay for your hotel marketing tools. 

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NFC Card

Upgrade your hotel key card to an NFC card to unlock doors with ease. All you have to do is touch your card to the hotel key card system! The system will read the data on the card and unlock the door if it matches.

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RFID Key Cards

RFID key cards add a convenience factor to your guest's stay by eliminating the need to remove your card from your wallet or purse. The card's data can be read when it's within a close distance to the hotel key card system. 

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Hotel Card Sleeves

Hotel card sleeves are a simple and effective way to prevent your card from being damaged or lost. This accessory completely encases the key card to protect it from the elements and make your key cards easy to identify.

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Key Card Holders

Enhance your hotel marketing with key card holders. Not only do they help protect your key cards, but they also are a great place to communicate and advertise to guests. Providing them with recommendations or information helps to improve their experience.

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Door Inserts and Door Hangers

Give your guests the tools to communicate with your hotel staff. Door inserts stick into the key card slot, while door hangers hang around the door handle. Both are effective tools for communicating a need for privacy, a change of linens or room service.

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Products to Compliment your Hotel Key Card

Here are a few things a key card can be paired with to amplify results including "Smart Connect", hotel rewards programs, hotel gift cards, VIP, and event badges and wedding signage.

Multi-Location Solution

"Smart Connect: Business" is our solution to tracking, organizing and maintaining your marketing efforts for your multi-location hotel, franchise or resort.

Smart Connect

Hotel Rewards Programs

Reward guests with enticing hotel rewards programs that will make them want to keep coming back to your hotel for more. Unexpected prizes, discounts, perks or upgrades can go a long way to creating a loyal customer.

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Hotel Gift Cards

Let customers gift a vacation to your hotel to their friends and family. This is the perfect method for getting new people in your door because you are getting a referral from someone they know and trust.

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VIP and Event Badges

Hosting a conference, tradeshow, convention, party or tournament at your hotel? Create custom badges to ensure exclusive access to your guests.  Include things like schedule of event, hotel WiFi code or sponsor logo. 

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Wedding Signage

Help your brides and grooms plan their wedding by assisting them in the creation of their wedding signage. From invitations to menus, custom wine charms and table numbers, we print it all!

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