Hotel Gift Cards, Hotel Discount Cards & Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Give Your Hotel Marketing a Boost

Exploring new exotic places is everyone's new traveling goal! People are looking for new experiences and another place to cross of their bucket list. While they are traveling, they want to stay in a hotel that enhances their experience. So how are you going to add to their experience?

We have hotel marketing tools that will wow even the fussiest of travelers, introducing your hotel to new customers from around the globe. Whether you need hotel gift cards, rewards cards, a hotel brochure or a do not disturb door hanger, we are your one-stop shop for all of your hotel marketing needs.

Hotel Gift Cards & Rewards Cards

Reach new customers with hotel gift cardsThese pocket-sized referral machines are the perfect tool for gaining new customers and growing your business. And you can keep your guests coming back with hotel rewards programs that help your customers save money and give them a one-of-a-kind vacation.

We have you covered for all other hotel marketing tools like hotel loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel discount cards, a do not disturb door hanger, and a hotel brochure. You can also create incredible hotel key cards that ensure your guests have access to their room and other hotel amenities. No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect marketing tools to spread the word about your hotel and improve the customer experience. 

Hotel Rewards Programs, Hotel Discount Cards and More
Hotel brochure with trifold design for Escape Hotel

Working with Plastic Printers

We are here to take your hotel marketing to new heights with incredible marketing tools. We also offer:

  • Consistent Communication from Start to Finish
  • Products that Exceed your Expectations in Both Form and Function
  • Fast Turn Times (Available When You Need Them!)
  • Experts in Every Shape and Size Plastic Cards Imaginable
  • Professional Team of Graphic Designers to Bring your Vision to Life

Get in Touch

Ordering gift cards and hotel loyalty cards for your multi-location hotel can be a frustrating task, especially if your locations are spread across the country. But not with Smart Connect. We make ordering and tracking hotel gift cards and loyalty cards easy, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Whether you are a franchise or single location hotel, the experts at Plastic Printers are here to provide you with the best plastic solutions for your business. Have questions about how these hotel marketing tools will work with your business? Contact us today, we are happy to help!

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