If you want to strengthen your fitness marketing, it might be time to consider your custom printing options. 

Fitness club membership cards are carried around on keyrings, in purses and in the pockets of club members daily. Not only are your current members reminded of your club by the cards you create, their families and friends see them, too. That's why they're one of the most important pieces of any fitness marketing plan. Make sure your athletic club, yoga studio or gym marketing assets stand out with unique, custom designs!  

We can help you design and order custom marketing materials such as:

  • Custom Printed Key Tags
    Make it easy for your members to "check in" to your fitness club. Custom printed key tags can be easily attached to keyrings, making it a favorite for club members! 
  • Combo Cards and Snap-Offs
    Custom combo cards and snap-offs give your members the option of keeping a card in their wallet, as well as one on their key ring for easy access. 
  • Custom Signs
    Custom indoor and outdoor signs can provide the visual appeal your fitness club, yoga studio or gym needs.  

Speak with an expert today for ideas about how to get more out of your fitness marketing.