Looking For An ID Card Printer? We Have Several Options

ID Card Printer and an ID Badge
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Consider Having Us Pre Print Your ID Card Shells

A popular option with customers who are printing their own ID cards is to have us print 4 color shells or template ID cards which they can personalize with their desktop plastic card printer. By having us pre print the shells you can take advantage of:

  • Significantly lower per card printing costs
  • Save on ribbons and supplies
  • Higher quality printing
  • Ability to use Metallic and Spot Colors
  • Simplified ID card creation (simple template)
  • Optional pre encoded mag stripes*
  • Pre printed gang run tiered ID cards (guest, employee, etc)

*Are card printers offer field upgradeable mag stripe options for an additional charge.

Cost Effective PCI Compliance For Your Business

Modern business laws demand security. As part of this security employees and visitors are required to wear ID cards that identify them and allow for the tracking of their coming and going. Our line of plastic card printers offers an extremely low cost solution for your security needs. Couple this with our full line of id badge accessories and supplies and you don't need to look any further than plasticprinters.com!

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Print Your Own ID Cards, Or Let Us Print Them

  • Tons of id card design examples
  • Full line of cards, supplies, and printers
  • Full Color Pre printed card shells
  • Money saving ID card printing kits and bundles
  • Pre punched luggage tag ID badges (no holder required)
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"Scott provided us with several options to help ensure that we were providing our employees and visitors with high-quality ID cards. He mailed us several samples which made our decision to go with Plastic Printers very easy. He also managed to finish production and have the cards sent a full week in advance."

Dan Hayes

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