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Die Cut - Credit Card Thickness - Custom Plastic Business Cards

The 100% Custom Shaped Business Card Option

  • Absolutely unique - No one has anything even close to this
  • Immediate impact - Start winning more clients instantly
  • Proven results - Directly affects your bottom line (cash in your bank account)
  • Available In Any Shape You Can Think Of!!!
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Available In Clear, Tinted, Or Standard White

Not only do we produce our custom shaped business cards on white plastic but we also can use our transparent business card material. Depending on the shape you choose we can also simulate a combination of both opaque card and clear card using our unique white blocker technology. Designs like this allow for some really mind blowing effects:

  • Camera Shaped Business Cards With See Through Viewfinder
  • House Shaped Business Cards With See Through Windows
  • Car Shaped Business Cards With Clear Windows
  • Wine Glass Shaped Business Cards (Clear and Opaque)
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When designing your new custom shaped plastic business card the only real limit is your imagination.

Existing Die Cut Business Card Card Selection

While we can print entirely custom shaped cards for your business, we also have an ever growing selection of existing shapes. View the selection of business card shapes below and click to get pricing. If you cannot find a shape that works simply contact us, or use our easy online custom die cut card calculator.

Custom Shape Plastic Business Cards - The Smartest Tool In Advertising

While our customers enjoy tons of success and recognition with our standard credit card shaped business cards we decided to take it a step further with our new line of die cut business cards. Constructed with the same stringent adherence to quality we use with our normal plastic business cards these custom shaped business cards offer the added dimension of a unique shape that is your business.

Whether you decide to shape your cards like your logo, or like an ipad or iphone we can not only create and print them easily, but more importantly affordably! Keeping with our tradition of offering high quality American made products to not only large companies but small shops affordably we've happy to say we've done it again with our line of custom shaped business cards.

"I've never seen another photographer with a business card like this, personally I think it's a huge advantage when my clients are choosing between photographers. I also really appreciate the low minimum order quantity your company offers. Working in a small town I didn't need 1,000 cards, my sales rep allowed me to order 250 and I can just reorder if I need more cards in the future. Thanks guys!"

Sarah Supafone

All Plastic Cards Proudly Printed In The USA To order contact sales@plasticprinters.com or call 1-800-808-7472 Options for Payment with Plasticprinters.com

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