Plastic Business Cards : A Unique Marketing Tool

Transparent, High Impact Promotional Cards

Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

  • Proven to increase your business
  • Instantly improve your first impression
  • Guaranteed to blow away your competition
  • Typically pay for themselves within the first 20 cards!

A Better First Impression Is Your Secret Weapon!

Can you deny that handing your prospect an extremely unique, high quality creative business card is going to make them remember you? Before you buy pens with your name on them or some other marketing gimmick of the past we challenge you to think hard about the results you are getting.

Blackwell and Co Transparent Business Card Full Color Photo Business Card Clear Cool Photography Business Card Sample Amazing Leaf Face Clear Business Card Example

Top 10 Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

  1. Instead of being thrown away they are passed on to
    new clients.
  2. Stand out from your competition
  3. Create buzz about your business
  4. Create a Lasting First Impression
  5. Make your business more money!
  6. Make a Strong Marketing Statement
  7. Give your business much needed attention!
  8. Capture and hold your customers attention.
  9. Quickly pay for itself by increasing your sales.
  10. Display the uniqueness of your product.
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Transparent Business Cards Offer Unforgettable First Impressions

Ford Saeks with his Plastic Business Card

On His Plastic Business Cards....

"The reactions to my business cards are spectacular.  Just think about it…. How many times have you left a trade show or networking event with a stack of cards only to throw them all away a few days later. My prospects and clients tell me that they’ve saved the card because it was unique and it helped them remember me."

Ford Saeks
President & CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc 

How Big Do You Want Your Business To Be?

Our new plastic business cards have the ability to level the playing field for your business. You will not find another product that will promote your business the way these cards will. They are hands down, the best marketing investment for your company if you are looking to increase your business.

Our innovative printing techniques make your cards stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Our expert design staff can provide your business cards with an eye catching design. And most importantly, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have regarding our business cards. Give them a call today to find out just how easy it is to implement a plastic business card program for your business at 1-800-808-7472.

Photographer Business Card Sample - Film Look Tougas Contemporary Cool Business Cards Creative Designer Business Card Design Sample Basic Plastic Business Card Sample Design
Glass Business Card on Clear Plastic Filmography Business Card Sample on Clear Plastic High end looking clear plastic business card with blocked area Consulting Business Card Design Example
Videographer business card example - clear plastic card Descisign Digital Design Comany Business Card One color black business card sample design clear and frosted sample business card design - internet marketer plastic surgery clinic sample design - business card Reversed type on clear business cards - example design good wedding photographer business card

Cool Business Card Ideas

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Mustache Business Cards!
QR Code Business Cards
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DJ Business Cards

"Our cards look wonderful! Your quality is immensely better than other online companies, and your customer service is exceptional. Everyone keeps complimenting us on how awesome our business cards look. Thank you!!!"

Fiona Johnson

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