Marketing Tools to Help Your Business During COVID-19

I don’t need to tell you that times are tough. There are businesses closed down, more that are headed that way, and some that are fighting for their lives. For a lot of companies, this is an incredibly trying time in which profits will sink, and hard decisions need to be made.

Custom Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Business

While times are tough, businesses can still be supported; in fact, both popular outlets and politicians are encouraging this support. The Washington PostForbes, and USA Today are all encouraging people to continue to support businesses by buying gift cards, and the idea is sound. While customers might not be able to use the gift card at this moment, gift cards will come in handy when all of this finally blows over; in the meantime, every dollar counts in keeping your business afloat.

Custom Gift Cards Can Help Boost Businesses During COVID-19 

Inform your customers that gift cards are available through promotional emails or an online storefront, and the money that you make can help you survive this difficult time. For all of your customers, this means they get to help keep one of their favorite business's around. It can even be more than gift cards; other marketing tools like vouchers or promo cards can also help your customers show you support.

Promo Cards & Vouchers are Useful Tools to Help You During COVID-19

It’s working for other businesses out there. The Washington Post article discusses Steve McHugh, owner of the restaurant Cured in San Antonio, who says, “Gift cards are like interest-free loans. We’ve actually sold a lot this week, and I’ve been surprised that people are buying them.” 

Stock Up On Gift Cards

Stocking up on gift cards, vouchers, or promo cards is a great option for your business and your customers too. Without a cash flow coming through your business day by day, all you can do is offer an alternative. gift cards are that alternative, and customers see that, especially with so many outlets saying so. Customers will want to help support you, and gift cards are a strong investment in this time of trial.

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