How to Keep Your Re-Opening Business Clean & Safe

Cleanliness is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Whether it's about the virus or simply about hygienics, businesses have to be prepared to focus on ensuring that their locations are safe for both customers and employees. It can take a lot of work to supply sites with the proper material and information to produce a safe and effective work environment.

For businesses that deal with close proximity interactions and physical contact, it is especially important to supply and inform everyone who walks through the doors. That can mean using or providing informational signage or cards, face shieldssure-touch sticks, or anything that helps your customers feel at ease while at your business.

COVID Signage, Handwashing Signs, & More

For starters, informing customers and employees of your rules and regulations is paramount, especially when your customers are placing trust in an employee or vice versa. The most straightforward example, but essential, is signage about handwashing in the restrooms. Whether the business is a fitness studio in which people are constantly in contact with equipment or machinery or a massage parlor in which employees are in direct contact with customers, handwashing signs are vital. Handwashing signs encourage cleanliness but also, importantly, helps reinforce trust between businesses and customers.

Hand washing signs in English and Spanish

Handwashing signs are just the basic essential sign; what is required for different businesses will outline the custom signage necessary for each location. For a fitness studio, signage may need to be posted to remind and tell customers to disinfect the equipment once they finish using it. Massage parlors may need to detail new procedures on cards or inform customers about new protective equipment that will be in use at that location. 

There's plenty of other useful signage that can help keep your business safe as well. Floor decals that reinforce social distancing at checkout counters are a great example. Another could be a sign that informs customers at the door that masks are required inside your place of business. The specifics depend on the type of business and your state's covid requirements, but custom signage can easily meet those needs no matter what those specifics are. For more information on your state's most up to date covid requirements, please click here.

Personal Protective Equipment

Face shields are essential to stock up on as well, so you can provide them for customers and employees alike upon request. Physical contact and close proximity is the easiest way to spread illness. If, during a pandemic, you wish to remain in business or even afterward seek to build trust and safety with your customers, providing protection directed toward your particular customers is an easy way to help make that happen. 

PPE face shields boost safety at your business

There's more to protective equipment than just face shields. Everyone by now knows the importance of masks, and it cannot be overstated. However, there are a few mask peripherals that can make the experience a little better for you or your employees. For instance, ear guards can be used to increase comfort by holding your mask up without the use of your ears, making it easier to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time. Another is a face mask strap that allows you to carry your mask around your neck when it isn't in use, providing ease of access and making it a little easier to remember when masks are required.

Sanitizing your Facility and Marketing Tools

Anything else necessary, from ID badges to flyers to key tags to business cards, should be easily sanitized. With plastic materials, it can be easy to sanitize the essential products you need to create a safe work environment. Signage and face shields can be disinfected as well. For more information on how to clean and disinfect your materials or frequently touched surfaces, visit the CDC's webpage.

Marketing tools are easily sanitizable

Do you have questions on custom signage, PPE face shields, or other products that your business needs to re-open? The experts at Plastic Printers are happy to help; we're happy to answer your questions and set you up with a free consultation.

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