Signage You NEED In Your Salon or Spa

Spas and salons are places for customers to drop in, relax, and work on themselves. In places where customers often put down their guard, businesses need to make sure that both customers and employees are well-educated about the rules, regulations, and dangers that revolve around them. The way to handle this issue, by law, is placing signage up around the facilities. Putting up informative signage is not only efficient and productive but also an easy way to remove liability while promoting your branding. Here is the required and recommended signage you need in your salon or spa.

Salon Signs that Warn You Of Formaldehyde

Salon Signs

First, the salon. According to OSHA, should your salon use formaldehyde, you are required to follow the Formaldehyde Standard. The standard dictates, "The employer shall establish regulated areas where the concentration of airborne formaldehyde exceeds either the TWA (Time-Weighted Average) or the STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) and post all entrances and access ways with signs bearing the following legend:


These salon signs serve as an important notice for employees and customers alike. With this signage available, people are immediately made aware of the danger at the entrance of the establishment, helping to limit the number of issues and keep everyone safe. Other salon signs along these lines that are recommended include hand washing signs in the restrooms to promote employee cleanliness or signage broadcasting possible allergy warnings to inform customers of potential issues before they become problems. These salon sign options contain important information that will keep your customers and employees informed and safe in your place of business.

Salon Signs to Remind Employees to Wash Their Hands

With those recommended signs, you also have the opportunity to promote your brand further. This can be anything from keeping your font consistent with other marketing tools, color-coding the signs, or even adding humor if that is what your brand looks for. You can customize these salon signs so that they both help the customers, and enhance your aesthetic.

Spa Signs

Next up, the spa. The spa, for the most part, follows the same rules as the salon, with the exception of the inclusion of the pool. If your spa has a pool open to customers, you then have to follow the required rules by law for signage around pools. Of course, not every state requires signage, and the signage required by each state is different, but to be safe, it is smart to always protect yourself and customers by following the law and common sense around your pool. A detailed list of state-by-state pool signage required by law can be found here.

At the same time, spas also need the recommended signs (handwashing signs and allergy warning signage) around the establishment for the same reason as salons, and the customization can be equally important.

So, where can you get this signage? The team at Plastic Printers has solutions for all of your needs. From signage and gift cards to business cards, membership cards, name badges, and more, we are always happy to help! 

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