Signage You NEED in Schools

Signs are important because they help establish the safety needs of different establishments. From handling your food to preventing swimming incidents, signs help keep patrons and employees alike safe and informed. In this case, signage in schools can be incredibly important as well, keeping students, parents, and teachers informed. While there aren’t real requirements necessary, having postage up in the halls is a no-brainer. So, what signage should you have up, and how should it be formatted? 

School signs - exit signOther than required exit signs, you have some freedom regarding the signage you post around your school. Some obvious answers are signs with room numbers, directions, restroom signs, and accessibility signs, though the situation is dependent on the set-up of the school. These signs, though devoid of real regulation, must be ADA-compliant.

ADA-Compliant School Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has built a sign standard that is inclusive and accessible for everyone, which is integral in a place of learning filled with kids and parents. This means that there are some guidelines that your suggested signage must follow. This can be the addition of Braille, sign size and font size, font type, and much much more. For a detailed list of ADA guidelines, check here.

School Sign Inspiration

Beyond the signage that must be ADA-compliant, your school should have other signs that protect and keep your students safe, and there are lots of ways to achieve this. In a place of learning, many students are visual learners; this is an opportunity for you to customize school signs to be visual and informative, making sure that kids see and absorb the information you present. Recommended signage that can embrace this idea is a sign in the cafeteria that advertises allergy information, or a hand washing sign in the bathroom. These school signs can both be customized to catch the eye of a student and inform them of the importance of understanding these concepts.

School Sign promoting handwashing

Your school signs can be customized based on grade or age level, as well. Signs put up in a middle school and signs put up in a high school will obviously be different, but they can both instruct in the same way. All you need to do is customize the signs and posters to cater to your needs and your students.

So, where can you find custom signs? The team at Plastic Printers has solutions for all of your needs. From signage and ID badges to bag tags, learning tools, rulers, fundraising cards, and more, we are always happy to help! 

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