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We recently spoke with Rashad of ThinkCode about his business cards.

ThinkCode is a full-fledged web design, development, marketing and SEO firm based in NYC. We build beautiful, engaging products and engineer immersive user experiences for web and mobile, and we market them too. We also offer other services to facilitate the development of websites from the ground up, including: brand development, consulting, print design, copy-writing, content creation, photography and videography.

Everyone Has Standard Business Cards...

"I’m all about distinction. Everyone uses standard business card stock. Some establishments opt for patterns or textures, but I’ve personally never been handed a plastic business card. That notion seamlessly aligns with with my business model: premium, distinguished design. I’m also terribly meticulous with the design process. Every element on these cards were designed to be accurate to 1/1000 of an inch, and I can tell there was no deviation among them, because they’re all clear! This is the quality of work I was looking for, something I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve elsewhere."

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"From the very inception, my experience was nothing short of pleasurable. My sales rep, John, is a great guy and stellar at his job! My decision to have print my business cards was largely attributed to our conversations. He is extremely knowledgeable about the product, and nothing felt like a sales pitch or an up-sell, just honest facts. Apart from the quality of the cards, which I saw myself first-hand through the samples I received, my rep dispelled any doubts and quelled any concerns that I had. My clients absolutely love them. People look at me like I have two heads when I had them my card — in a good way. It bolsters what I’ve already worked extremely hard on: my brand identity, my business model, my entire business. Most importantly, it contributes to the memorable first impression I strive extremely hard to leave every prospective client with. You only get one chance at that — and these cards speak for themselves."

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"I accidentally washed and dried one of my cards that had been left in a pair of shorts. The card looks perfectly fine, the same as it did before it went in. I even handed that same card to someone, and they’re now client of mine."

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