Inspiration for Home Based Business Cards with Dr. Troy

DrTroy title resized 600Dr. Troy and his wife are both physical therapists. They have both spent over 10 years building a successful home health company, but started the transition into the home based business industry about 5 years ago. They now specialize in working with individuals that are looking to make a significant change in their lives and are passionate about entrepreneurship, health or both. With over ten thousand people as a part of their home based business, and thousands more joining the industry each day, Dr. Troy is great at providing a clear game plan for people to be successful in their own home business. He leaves the “hype” for others.

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With the changing business climate in home healthcare, they have realized how important network marketing is for the success of their long term business. A great tool in developing relationships is having a distinctive business card. They were looking for a card that most people had never seen, but that everyone will remember.

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The final cards have made great first impressions and have had 100% “wow factor” each time. Dr. Troy believes that the cards were a very smart investment. “You can spend a little money to look like everyone else, or you can invest in yourself to stand apart.”



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