Construction Renovation meets premium plastic business cards...

Ryan McCroskeyDesign Management Group LLC is a construction renovation, design, and construction company.  The primary market that they serve are residential homeowners in New Orleans, but they have also found success in creatively renovating commercial buildings as well.  Their services span everything from design to construction, both remodel and new to more elaborate projects such as wine cellars and media rooms.IMG 6937 resized 600

Essentially, Design Management Group LLC is an umbrella for several inter-related services, so that you don’t have to shop around for a solution, and is known for high quality and aesthetically-pleasing work for every size project. Time and time again their customers thank them for their diligence to ethical and beautiful work.

When we asked Ryan McCroskey of Design Management Group LLC why they decided on plastic business cards, he said that they wanted to stand out.  Just as their work is known for it’s quality, they find it’s important that their brand really speaks to their commitment to high quality.  

Plastic business cards were unlike anything they had seen, and they instantly knew that they had to have them. Ryan (owner of Design Management Group LLC) was given a card years ago from someone that purchased from and about a year later he saw this person again and didn’t remember her name, but Ryan did remember her business card. That's when Ryan knew what a great tool plastic business cards were--and had to have them.

IMG 6940 resized 600

"Everyone who is given one of our cards asks us where we had them made!  Again, the quality of the card is superb, and really helps us stand out. Design Management Group LLC is extremely happy with the investment we made in our plastic business cards."


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