10 Stunning Examples of Gift Card Designs

Remember the last time that you were in the line at the supermarket and noticed a variety of gift cards on display, just begging for you to grab one? Having a unique gift card design that will pop out and grab your customer's attention is a great way to increase sales. Here are some great examples of eye-catching gift card designs that are meant to stand out.

Pandora Jewelry - Bright and Bold Colors 

Gift Card with amazing gift card design


Hair Salon - Voluptuous Hair Styling 

Spa gift card with an amazing gift card design

Bridal Salon - Contemporary Clear Cards 

Custom gift cards with a clear design

Bicycles - Bold Logos

Superb gift card design


Yogurt and Juice Bar - Bright and Colorful Product Photo 

Simple gift card design for a yogurt and juice bar


Spa - Strong and Organic Background 

Gift card design to look like wood


Outdoor Adventures - Landscape Photo of Outdoor Adventures 

Bold gift card design


Sushi Samples - Delightful Colors and Textures 

Restaurant gift cards with a mag stripe on the back


Buffalo Wings - Hot and Spicy Illustration

Great gift card design for a restaurant and bar


Brewery - Clean Typography

Amazing gift card design for a brewery

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