Flexible Yet Durable Plastic Cards: Wall Decor Plus More


Wall Decor Plus More is based in rural South Dakota. They offer both wall stickers as well as vinyl/sign decals and some clients have even utilized their product on vehicles.  There are products for every occasion and stage in life.

They have spent many hours testing their product as well as listening to feedback from clients.


IMG 9817 resized 600

While trying to come up with the best squeegee to adhere their product, they noticed that rigid cards worked very well. Many cards that they had seen were simply too flexible and would bend or crack while applying the stickers.

IMG 9822 resized 600

After a few rounds of testing, the rigid vinyl ended up being the perfect multipurpose material. The pieces make great business cards and are able to stand the pressure while being bent during the application process.


Watch the link below to see how Wall Decor Plus More is utilizing our plastic business cards as a squeegee for their wall stickers.


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