Managing your business with clear plastic business cards



With a very diverse background, Bill and Ellen Hansen of Farnsworth Realty Management Company are well suited to accommodate all needs for their clients. Going the extra mile is a daily occurrence with everything from taking care of weeds while their clients are away to making arrangements for estate sales and sending cars off on car carriers.

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Farnsworth Realty Management Company was looking for a unique business card that would truly represent them. Many templates that are currently available for Realtors on other sites contain images of homes with grass that would not accurately depict the area in Arizona in which they serve.

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With the help of their sales representative they were able to locate an image that would positively portray the area that they work in. The unique style of the card helps show the quality of their brand and that they are quality people. The response has been very positive when handing their cards out. “The cards are very unique and are something that people will probably not throw away as they would paper cards.”


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