How Leaders In The Magento Community Utilize Plastic Business Cards

1284The digital age is upon us and every business should have some type of presence on the web. Mediotype assists companies with their marketing, digital strategy, project management and strategic planning. They are also very highly regarded within the Magento community. Whether it be a need for assistance with your branding, design, or even web applications, they have the tools needed for the job.

Recently, Mediotype was asked to create a new web presence for Haba (the gold standard in baby and children's toys).  Haba has a very strong foundation and they needed their website to be user friendly on multiple platforms.  The end user's experience was thought through on every level.  Mediotype reviewed analytics information to identify device specific feedback.  In the end Mediotype was able to create a website that was not only had an appropriately childish style, but was very functional.

IMG 4778

To truly set themselves apart from the competition, Mediotype needed a business card that was impressive, unique and gave a luxury feel to match their company’s current branding.

After looking at many different printing companies, they realized that a plastic card hit the mark. With a next generation feel that is ready to completely customize to not only match the brand colors, but also the design style as well was the perfect fit for their new marketing cards. An added benefit was the ability to order multiple versions within the same order. With this unique ability, Mediotype was able to order business cards for multiple associates without a minimum order for each.

Do you have a specific niche that your business cards need to align with?  Visit our free design gallery to download a template or work with one of our talented designers to make something truly unique. 


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