Business cards durable enough to run the race

RaymondJamesFinancialThe Alpharetta, Georgia branch of Raymond James is an athlete centered financial planning institution where professionals help athletes find solutions for their investing goals while pursuing their athletic dreams. They specialize in helping professional and amateur athletes manage their current financial needs while planning for their future.

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“We deal with athletes ‘in the field’ on a daily basis.  When you give a traditional paper/card-stock business card to a soaking wet triathlete post-race, odds are that the card will be a soaking wet mess by the time the athlete gets it home.  The plastic business cards solved this problem for us.  We can ride with a local cycling club through a rainy century ride, hand over a plastic business card at any time, and know it will remain as it was, even after going through the washing machine or high heat dryer.”

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When handing out cards, they have received a fabulous reaction every single time. The cards have become the topic of conversation wherever they go and this is only one of the reasons that the associates at the Raymond James Alpharetta office feel that ordering plastic business cards was a smart investment on many levels.


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