Business Branding with Foil Business Cards


Zeledon CastilloLLCNot many companies in this day and age take an intimate approach with their customers. Zeledon-Castillo, LLC takes a personal interest in your projects from brochures, banners, business cards and even your graphic design needs.They want to work with your idea and find out why you chose each aspect in your project from colors to fonts, etc.

Wanting to keep their branding consistent, Jorge of Zeledon-Castillo, LLC was searching for a premium business card manufacturer that would uphold their high quality standards.

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“Your business cards say it all. Plastic cards tell your customers that you take what you do seriously and that you value their business enough to give them a taste of what a high quality card should be. They are also a great sales tool, especial when you have a small sales force.”


Jorge Zeledon-Castillo gave us a glimpse into the reasons that he chose “Your team’s quick response times compared to other companies are what initially brought me in. First impressions are very important and having a plastic card also makes you stand out among all of the other cards that your customers might receive. I also believe that potential clients are more hesitant to trash a plastic business card.”

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Jorge went on to say, “Although the cards were not the cheapest that you can find online, but they are the best quality. Everyone that I hand my card to is impressed and they comment that they want us to make some for them.”