Top 5 Products Your Plasma Center or Blood Bank Needs

The importance of Blood Banks and Plasma Centers cannot be understated; these facilities are contributing to saving lives. However, running a successful Blood Bank or Plasma Center isn’t easy; it requires a lot of work. Luckily, some products can make the job easier and help your facility run more efficiently.

These aren’t the typical products that Retail or Restaurant Businesses use; there are products designed to be used specifically for Donation Centers. Want to learn more? Let me go into detail about five products that can help your Blood Bank or Plasma Center.

Blood Donor Cards

Blood Banks and Plasma Centers put a huge emphasis on keeping the blood supply safe. That's why they make donors register to give blood, answer a series of questions, have a Medical Professional check some of their vitals, and more. One tool that can help you throughout the blood donation or plasma donation process is Blood Donor Cards. 

Blood Donor cards for blood or plasma donation













Blood Donor Cards typically identify which donation this is (first, second, etc.) or how frequently a person donates blood or plasma. Other pertinent information that might be helpful to include on your Blood Donation Cards consists of the donor's name, what arm they want to be drawn from, who performed their vein evaluation, etc. Many Blood Banks and Plasma Centers use writable panels on their Blood Donor Cards, so they can write information or check off information on the cards. 

Blood donation cards for blood donation













Your Blood Donor Cards are completely customizable, allowing you to include all of the information your Blood Bank or Plasma Center requires. You can also customize the look and shape of them to fit your equipment. Some Blood Banks and Plasma Centers differentiate their Blood Donation Cards by utilizing various colors. The different colors indicate the frequency of the donation or if it is a first-time blood donation. Find what works best for your Blood Bank or Plasma Center and let your Blood Donor Card design reflect that.

Section Cards or Seating Cards

What if I told you there was a way to help increase efficiency for donors and staff at your Blood Bank or Plasma Center? Well good news, there is! Section Cards or Seating Cards give your team a form of communication that helps them learn important information about a donor with minimal communication. Sometimes, blood donation rooms can be very close together, so the minimization in talking helps protect the donor's medical information. Overall, this tool helps speed up the donation process, helping make it better for both staff and donors.

Section cards or seating cards for a blood bank

These cards typically look like Door Hangers or Parking Permits so that Medical Professionals can hang them in their room or section. You can also customize your Section Cards with colors, words, objects, animals, or other graphics to indicate different donation rooms. By using different designs on your section cards, it helps ensure that the donor makes it to the right room.

Allergy Cards, Medical Alert Cards, & Informational Cards

While your Donor Cards and Section Cards will help improve efficiency at your facility, other products can help your Blood Bank in different ways. Some of these cards are for the safety of your donors, such as Allergy Cards and Biohazard Cards. We recommend using bright colors as well as easy-to-read text on these cards, so they stand out and can be spotted easily.

Informational cards and allergy cards for blood donation













Additionally, other cards such as Out of Service Cards help notify your staff of any issues that may be going on at your facility. The beauty of all of these cards is they can be customized for all of your needs. We've made all sorts of different products for Blood Banks and Plasma Centers, and our expertise allows us to create new products that fit your exact specifications.

Do you need Donor Cards, Section Cards, or other Custom Cards for your Blood Bank or Plasma Center? Give the experts at Plastic Printers a call; we have the experience necessary to make getting your cards fast and easy.

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