Benefits of Plastic Printers' Menus

When it comes to creating a menu perfect for your restaurant and your customers, a lot of different pieces must come together. Whether that be the branding, the layout, or the size, everything must fit your needs as they arise. With all of these unknowns, Plastic Printers' menus are exactly what you need to stay on top of the competition. For two primary reasons, the first is the ability to customize to your specifications fully and to amplify your brand while the second, and equally important reason to chose Plastic Printers' custom menus, is its material that is built for quick and easy disinfection and sanitization.

Sanitizing your Menu

Cleanliness is incredibly important, especially right now. Plastic Printers' menus are designed and constructed to make the sanitization process as effective and efficient as possible. The plastic menus can be quickly wiped with an alcohol solution, as recommended by the CDC, which reduces your stress and workload while reassuring and protecting your customers. To learn more about how to properly clean your menu, click here.

Sanitizing your custom menus is essential
In addition, a UV coating can be added to your custom menus, which reduces the scratching on the surface of your menus that can collect germs and crumbs, overall increasing the shelf life of your menu. It is invaluable to be able to provide a safe environment for both your customers and your employees, and that is what Plastic Printers' menus are ready and able to provide.

Customizing your Menu

In terms of customization, freedom is yours to create menus that will fit perfectly with your business and your brand. Do you need custom menus shaped like a pizza or a coffee cup? Our goal is to help you maintain brand consistency without sacrificing layout or readability, but the creativity on display is limited only by your imagination. 

Custom menus printed by Plastic Printers
The customization doesn't just end with shape but also extends to color and format. Do you need a tri-fold menu, a single page menu, a spiral-bound menu? Each is absolutely possible, and even more styles and shapes are available, depending on your demand. Plastic Printers' menus can also easily add your colors or logos, and should you need color or design help; the graphics team is prepared to help you make the menu you want.

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