Benefits of a Bar Menu & Happy Hour Menu

When you go to a restaurant, do you prefer to sit at a table or at the bar? Most of the time, it depends on different factors such as who you're eating with, whether you're planning on drinking, how busy the restaurant is and the atmosphere. Each area shows off the restaurant's different specialties and caters to various types of customers to keep the restaurant buzzing.

For restaurants, bars are more than a place to get a drink but can serve as a mini-restaurant. Some restaurants capitalize on their bar by offering a separate bar menu and happy hour menu which features specials only available at the bar. With two separate menus, it can incentivize customers to come back to the restaurant for any occasion. Plus, the two different settings can help entice different groups of customers and broaden the appeal, making your restaurant something of a melting pot.

Drink menu and happy hour menu for a bar
Are you looking for ideas on what the bar and happy hour menus should look like at your restaurant? We have plenty of tips to get your mind racing with new concepts that can expand your customer base and transform your restaurant. 

Benefits of a Bar Menu

It's always fun when you walk up to a bar and there's great excitement in the atmosphere. Friday nights are a great example. Everyone is excited about the weekend, and the bar is filled with a constant chatter. Being surrounded by enthusiastic people can improve your mood immediately, especially after a long week. You want that kind of buzz at your bar, and a bar menu can help you get there.

Among the things that you should have on your bar menu are delicious specialty items unique to your restaurant. Unique items will attract first-time customers who will return if they find the food and ambiance pleasing. 

Group of friends at the bar

On top of widening the appeal of your restaurant, your menu can help encourage your diners to stop in for repeat meals. You might be wondering why? Customers who like your restaurant will want to come back to have their favorite dish and they might choose your bar for group outings. The dual menu system helps to encourage customer loyalty, creating customers who frequently visit your restaurant.

Designing Your Bar Menu

When it comes to creating your bar menu design, you should consider the special items you're going to offer and how you want your menu design. While I like to think of myself as something of a food and drink expert, I'll leave that part up to you and instead focus on the design aspects of your menu.

Drink Menu for the Beach Club

Most restaurant menus have multiple pages or are double-sided. With your bar menu, you probably don't need all of that space since you will have fewer items to include. Smaller menus require you to be very strategic with your space to ensure it delivers a powerful impression and has all of your products on it. Within that space there are often a multitude of design options. For example, you can choose a custom shape or opt for a clear menu which it depends on the atmosphere you are trying to present. The menu design can project a theme that can tie your entire restaurant together.

What about a Happy Hour Menu?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a happy hour menu and a bar menu. The happy hour menu is a daily special that only happens at specific times of the day, and it usually includes a price reduction. A bar menu has specialty items that can be served all day at the bar, and you typically have to pay full price. Both are beneficial in their ways and have specific purposes for the restaurant.

Restaurants offer happy hour menus to attract customers at times that generally wouldn't be as busy. They are a tool that helps keep restaurants and bars busy at all times of the day. It's an excellent tactic for getting customers in your door right after a long day at work or during the lunch hour. Some people might come every Tuesday because you feature a great deal on their favorite dish or drink on that day. The best part is that you can change your daily specials to ensure that you are drawing in customers and maximizing revenue.

Happy hour menu for a bar and restaurantSometimes a business is a small investment away from reaching their next level. For your restaurant, bar and happy hour menus might be the items that make a huge difference and raise revenue. Do you have questions on how you can create the perfect menu for your restaurant? Give the menu experts at Plastic Printers a call; we're happy to help you out. And if you're looking for more menu inspiration, check out our Top 20 Restaurant Menus blog.

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