Introducing Writable Gift Cards

Innovation is defined as introducing something new and it often fixes a problem. It often provokes one to say, "isn't that a great idea," or "why hasn't anyone thought of that before." At Plastic Printers, innovation is a term that is constantly being brought up in conversations. Innovation drives Plastic Printers to create new products that help its customers increase sales, bring in new business and so much more. More recently, innovation has helped Plastic Printers be able to offer writable gift cards.

These gift cards have all of the same features as a standard gift card but feature an additional writable panel on the front of the card, making these custom gift cards great for businesses and consumers. The writable panel brings a new level of personalization and versatility to gift cards. They're simple and easy to use. Just pull out a pen and start writing on the panel. You might be wondering why you would need a writable gift card as opposed to a regular gift card. Here are a couple of the benefits of writable gift cards.

Writable Gift Cards are Personal

Writable panels help make gift cards a more personal gift. Whether your customers are writing a sweet message to a loved one, an inside joke for a coworker, or letting their creativity go wild with a drawing, these custom gift cards can be as unique and personal as your consumers want them to be. They are truly one-of-a-kind, making the gift-giving experience more intimate and unique.

Custom Gift Cards for Birthdays

They Help Simplify the Purchasing Process

Writable gift cards also simplify the buying experience. Usually, when customers want to purchase a gift card, they also need to buy a greeting card to express their thoughts. If your store doesn't offer greeting cards in addition to gift cards, that means they would have to make another stop. Gift cards are supposed to be a convenient gift but going to multiple stores or spending extra money on a greeting card complicates this easy gift. A writable gift card can help solve this problem. With these custom gift cards, you can write a personal note on the card eliminating the need to purchase another product.

Custom Gift Cards with a Writable Surface

Writable Gift Cards are Customizable

One of the great things about writable gift cards is that give companies, without point-of-sale systems, the ability to customize the price. Often when you walk into a store and you start looking for a gift card, there are a couple of different price options. Usually there will be an option for a $15 gift card, a $25 gift card and a $50 gift card as it is easier for these businesses to have printed values on them to let you know how much they are worth. 

Custom gift cards with a writable ornament

Although this option works for the majority of customers, some customers may like to purchase a gift card with a specific amount. For example, someone may give their family member a $21 gift card for their 21st birthday. With a writable gift card, the customer can write the value of the card and thus customize the amount. The writable aspect of these custom gift cards provides businesses without point-of-sale systems added flexibility when it comes to selling gift cards. Now, you'll never run out of cards of a certain value.

We can't wait for you to experience the innovation of a writable gift card. These custom gift cards are truly unique and have the potential to make a positive impact on both businesses and consumers. Have questions about how they can help your business? Give us a call; we're happy to help.

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