How To Make A Memorable First Impression With Business Cards

Keagan HensonHenson Insurance Agency serves Oklahoma with Property and Casualty AAA Insurance (Home, Auto, Life). They also provide AAA membership with Roadside assistance. The agency specializes in personalized service and a great customer experience for each client they come into contact with.

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They desire to provide the BEST at all times.

Be Flexible:

We understand the busy lives of our clients. That is why we offer a variety of communication solutions and a spirit of flexibility that will adapt to your personal need.


Embrace Excellence:

Exceeding the expectation is what we strive to do daily. We strive to meet each need, concern, and request with accuracy and promptness.

Selflessly Serve:

Great customer service requires people who care about the well being of others. We won’t only serve you when you need it but will always be searching for ways to personally serve better.

Train and teach:

We believe in continuing education for our team so that each person has the opportunity to perform to their full potential. We also believe that educating our clients is top priority, because we have nothing to hide. We understand that a knowledgeable client makes a happy client with a peace of mind.

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“I wanted to find something that a person would mistakenly think was a credit card at first glance. I wanted to be ‘the guy with that card’ instead of ‘I’m sorry, who are you’.  Every time I hand my card to someone, there is always a second glance and a comment. My clients absolutely love them!” Keagan of Henson Insurance Agency reflected that it helps to have something unique and creative that will set you apart from your competition.

During the design process, he was involved and was able to make decisions to make sure that the card matched his existing brand. “Things have become too commercialized, especially business cards are usually created using standard templates. These cards will not fall to the bottom of the pile and will definitely not be thrown away.”

It's time to stand out from the crowd and put your BEST foot forward!

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