3 New Marketing Strategies for 2021

2020 was a rough year for many businesses due to COVID-19, but 2021 can be your business's most successful year ever! However, to set your business up for a successful 2021, you'll want to consider implementing new marketing strategies that are relevant and capture your audience's attention. Consumer behavior is always shifting, and if you don't switch up your marketing strategy to keep up, customers might take their business elsewhere.

The good news is that there are tons of fresh new marketing strategies your business can try. Want to learn about some cutting-edge marketing trends your business can use to make 2021 a great year? Let's go over some of the latest and greatest marketing strategies for 2021.

Emphasize Convenience

I don't know about you, but I do a lot of shopping online nowadays, and a big reason for that is the convenience factor. Ordering an item from the comfort of my own home is often more appealing than venturing out to a busy store. Many consumers agree with me, as spending online increases every year. However, due to COVID-19, the growth of online shopping has been expedited; most industries have seen a growth of 15-30%.

Offering your products online has become essential, especially with today's health concerns. Building an online store is easier than ever before, and it can help your business reach new customers and boost revenue. However, online shopping isn't the only way to deliver a convenient experience to your customers. During the pandemic, many businesses have shifted to a pickup model. This allows customers to order online or call in and order, then stop by the store at their own convenience to pick up their items. Some companies will even bring purchases out to the car for customers.

Custom signage advertising curbside pickup and delivery

Delivery is another convenient option that businesses are using to attract customers. We have seen companies allow you to order your food or items online, through an app, or call-in, and then they will deliver the items to you through a variety of mediums. There are tons of options available for your business.

Consider Marketing on TikTok

Every once a while, a new social media platform will explode in popularity; TikTok is an excellent example of that. If you don't know, TikTok is an app where users upload homemade short-form videos. TikTok is littered with animal videos, comedic skits, viral dances, and many other forms of short-form content. That may not sound too exciting, but it has captured the attention of millions. In fact, there are 100 million active monthly users in the United States alone and nearly 700 million worldwide. 

With such a massive audience, you can probably see why marketers are flocking to the app. Some companies are paying to advertise on TikTok, while others opt to make content for the platform and hope it reaches their intended audience.

Chipotle is a great example of a business using TikTok. Chipotle has 1.3 million followers on the app, and most of the content they post is created by their customers. They post memes, videos of their food, ways to take advantage of their membership program, and more. Chipotle has also used paid advertisements to get their videos in front of more people. 

One marketing strategy for 2021 is utilizing TikTok

TikTok is a relatively new platform, and marketers are still trying to figure out the best ways to use it to their advantage. However, it is worth considering for your business, especially if your intended demographic is younger; people aged 18-24 make up 42% of the app's userbase. 

Find Out What's Important to Your Customers

In 2020, consumers made some big changes in their behavior. With income down and unemployment up, consumers were much more conscious of where they spent their money. In 2020, the Conscious Consumer Spending Index increased 15% from last year and is at its highest mark since 2017. 

Conscious consumers want to ensure the brands they do business with protect their health and safety, operate locally, positively impact society, are trustworthy, and more. With a general rise in conscious consumers, companies must focus on their niche consumers to find out what is important to them to cater to their needs. Maybe it has stayed the same, or maybe it has changed drastically. This is not a new concept but a helpful one that should be re-evaluated year to year to help your business move forward in 2021.

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