3 Myths About Custom Gift Cards

There are some major misconceptions about custom gift cards. At Plastic Printers, everything we do is custom, and we want you to try it out. The misunderstanding boils down to 3 myths. Let's take a look!

120-Gift_Backer_Wooden_Hearts.jpg1. Custom Cards are Expensive

FALSE! Custom gift cards only cost a little more than pre-printed gift cards. The difference is only a few cents, but the payoff is amazing. You get your branding on the cards, you get the terms and conditions you want on the cards, and you can have any color print or background to give it your personal style.

At Plastic Printers, we have a team of graphic designers that will help you design your cards. That way, they can be special, bespoke cards that don't look like any others.

2. They Take Forever to Get

Here at Plastic Printers, it only takes us about a week to print and ship your cards. So if you order cards on Monday, they'll come the following week.

Many card companies can take as many as 6-8 weeks to print and ship your cards. Most of these companies are subcontracting your job. They lump your job in with 15 others and get a bulk print price. Then the cards are shipped back to be re-boxed and shipped to you. Or they're made in China and then shipped.

There's no reason for your order to take forever, and at Plastic Printers, we can even rush your order for a fee. Which means if you need cards tomorrow, we can handle it.

3. They Have to be Credit Card Shaped

NO! They don't need to be credit card shaped. They do if they need a magnetic strip, but the majority of POS companies allow for barcoded cards, and those can be any shape you want!

So if you want a special shape for your business, it's very simple to do. At Plastic Printers, we use proprietary cutting technology to offer cards in any shape you want!

Other companies have given custom cards a bad rap. It's so easy to get custom cards made up and for you to have the cards that properly represent your brand. Make sure you give us a call, so we can see what will work best for you!

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