10 Creative Custom Die Cut Cards - Part 2

Since our first installment of the Creative Custom Die Cut Cards series, our team has had valuable conversations with multiple clients. We wanted to know how a custom shaped card would help their business. We were in contact with many different industries such as breweries, DJs and retail stores. All of the people that we contacted were extremely resourceful and assisted us in creating original ideas that would help their business.

We had our team pick out a few additional custom shaped cards that they felt really showed off great possibilities for businesses.

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1. Wine Bottle Shaped Business Card

A wine bottle shaped business card is significant because it is a product that most people know about and can relate to. Organic Wine Bar does a great job applying this stylish twist to their business card, to illustrate the company's personality. The shape itself makes it clear and highlights exactly what the company does too.

Clear Plastic Wine Bottle Shaped Business Card


2. Tablet Shaped Business Card

Having a detailed and original logo is essential. Companies should incorporate their logo on a business card because it will strengthen their brand awareness and communicate it's identity. Look at how Study Up Energy strategically placed their one of a kind logo on their tablet shaped business card. 

Tablet Shaped Business Card for Study Up Energy


3. Automotive Business Card

Your business card is a great way to show that you are passionate about what you do. Showcasing your specialty or niche market directly on your business cards attract your target clients, while putting sincere meaning behind your cards. 

Custom Plastic Automotive Car Shaped Business Card


4. DJ Cassette Tape Card

Potential clients recieve hundreds of business cards a month, so it is crucial that you have a unique business card. This DJ cassette tape card will definitely seperate Jason Saltsman from the crowd!  

 DJ Cassette Tape Shaped Plastic Card

5. Spray Bottle Clear Plastic Cards

Many business cards have a person’s name, position, company name and contact information on it. It is not as common to see business cards with information about the product. Recreating the shape of your product and using that as a business card will bring your networking to the next level. Because it is so different, it will likely cause others to show off your business cards which can't hurt and may result in referrals. 

Spray Bottle Shaped Clear Plastic Business Cards


6. Collar Stay Pop Out Card

Adding a pop out creation to your business card is a great way to slip your brand into their everyday life. This card was made for a men’s fashion designer; his cards have a pop out collar stay. Every time someone uses one of his cards as a collar stay, they will see the company's branding. 

Men's Apparel Collar Stay Pop Out Business Cards


7. Craft Gauge Measurement Tool

Be creative! Create a custom card that will become a talking point with your customers. The kumi sizer custom card is used to measure the size of braids. Memorable cards, like the kumi sizer, will stand out amongst competitors.

Clear Plastic Craft Gauge Measurement Tool


8. Extended Jeep Die Cut Business Card

Showcase the primary service that your business performs. MEGA X 2 stretches Class 8 trucks from 4 doors to 6 doors, as you can see from their extended jeep die cut business card. Providing an example of your services can spark interest and drive an increase in website traffic.

Extended Jeep Die Cut Business Card


9. JLG Lift Shaped Cards

Noteworthy die cut business cards tend to use vibrant colors and extraordinary items in their designs. The bright orange and the forklift allows Daddy’s Transport to embody a fun, yet professional vibe through their card. 

JLG Lift Shaped Cards


10. Snowman Die Cut Business Cards

Do you have a creative company name? Feature it thru the shape of your die cut business card. Snowman Technologies is a great example of how a mainstream industry uses a die cut card to elevate their presence.

Clear Plastic Snowman Die Cut Business Cards


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Not sure what shape would work best for your business?  Let our talented team members help you create something one of a kind.

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