How to Make Perfect Bouquet and Never Forget Valentines Day

Valentine's Gift Card for Urban Float

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Chances are some of you forgot about it all together. The good news is you can still make up for this statistically probable oversight. Yes, the flowers will be late, but better late than never...and better safe, then sorry.

Why flowers?  They are the gift St. Valentine gave to the woman he loved before his death at the hands of Emperor Claudius. His crime: performing marriages for soldiers in love, which was against the law for those in military service to the Emperor.  Probably not something to include on that mea culpa card you'll be writing, but an interesting historical tidbit nonetheless.

Now, if you are making up for a forgotten Valentine's Day, there is one rule you must follow: do not try to make amends with a bouquet of flowers that you grabbed last-minute from a gas station or cash register display case.  Even though the gift is temporary, the value it transfers is not.

Confused? This Plastic Printers template of the week installment will walk you through how to make the perfect make-up bouquet.

In the Business of Buds

A florist will admit that, yes, flowers are temporary. However, you should share this observation at your own risk and don’t be surprised if they are less than impressed by your quip (there may even be a visible eye roll in accompaniment).

They’ve earned the right to this response. After all, they know what goes into a beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangement.

Flowers should never be a last-minute gift. They are meant to have an impact. Here are a few things that make even what is temporary special:

  • Knowing and selecting a bouquet full of her favorite flowers, even if they aren’t roses, shows a different level of knowledge and thoughtfulness than that bouquet nearest the cash register.
  • A good florist can construct a unique bouquet that speaks to both the personality of the recipient and fresh new ideas or trends.
  • There are many different kinds of bouquets. To get the most out of your investment, you have to make the investment. Meaning; ask for advice and pick a theme. Roses are a great centerpiece statement, but European bouquets are easily repeatable using wildflowers or a mixture of store-bought blossoms. Mass flowers (full and round blooms) make a striking visual statement.
  • If longevity is your biggest concern, avoid bullet roses (tight round buds that will never open) and combine the roses you do buy with fragrant flowers, such as: stargazer lilies, wax flowers, and Freesia. The fragrance will fill the house for days.
  • Add a couple of drops of bleach to the vase and lightly spray the arrangement with bleach water once a day to keep the flowers fresh.

The bottom line: the amount of time, thought, and planning will show in the bouquet you select. All of these elements combined tell the recipient how much they mean to you. You guessed it, the more you plan, the better the outcome.

Flowers as far as the Eye can See

Purchasing a floral arrangement can induce sensory overload. Your world becomes a microcosm of choices, smells, and colors. The best way to navigate through this world is to rely on the services of a trained professional.

Whenever possible, buy your bouquet of choice from a local flower shop. Starting a relationship with your local florist is never a bad idea; it might even teach you a thing or two about how to spot those perfect petals. You know the ones I mean, the ones that say: I’m sorry, I love you, happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy Mother’s Day, or just because.

Hopefully, you’re starting to pick up on why flowers are important and why making the right choice matters so much.

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