Valentine's Day Marketing Tools for your Jewelry Business

Your jewelry store has the perfect jewelry for every occasion, but do you have the perfect marketing tools for all of your marketing strategies? Valentine's Day is coming up, and custom marketing tools can help you seamlessly enact your marketing strategies and maximize the holiday's potential; it's just a matter of finding the right tools for your needs.

The good news is that the experts at Plastic Printers have worked with many jewelry stores, so we have some insight into the marketing tools you'll need to set your business up for success this Valentine's Day. Here's a look at three marketing tools that will help your jewelry store this February.

Jewelry Store Gift Cards

Your jewelry store might have impeccable jewelry for every event, but sometimes it's hard for shoppers to find the right piece for their loved ones. Jewelry can be an expensive investment, and it would be a shame to spend all that money on an unwanted piece. On top of that, returns can be awkward. In cases like these, the overwhelmed customers might feel frustrated and could walk out of your jewelry store without making a purchase. That's a big problem for your business.

However, jewelry store gift cards are a quick, easy, and effective solution to this problem! The beauty of gift cards is that your business will have gifts for every customer, even those who don't know what to buy. While gift cards may not be as personal of a gift as purchasing a one-of-a-kind set of earrings, it ensures that the gift card receiver can get a piece of jewelry they genuinely love. Plus, it avoids the awkwardness that comes when asking for a return. Gift cards are convenient for your customers and provide them more flexibility when giving the gift of your business.

Custom gift cards for a jewelry store

Most think of gift cards solely as a revenue-generating marketing tool, but they can do so much more! Consider using your custom gift cards as a promotional tool to help raise brand awareness and build excitement around your jewelry store. You can also use them to reward loyal customers or to encourage referrals. No matter how you use your jewelry store gift cards, they are a fantastic way to bolster your store's marketing efforts.

Referral Cards

One of the biggest challenges facing jewelers and businesses of all kinds is attracting new customers. Customer acquisition is not only difficult, but it can be costly. However, referral cards are a cost-effective way of acquiring new customers, and the best part is they require very little effort on your behalf.

Many businesses run their referral programs differently, but they have the same idea. The gist is that you hand out referral cards to your current customers, and they give them out to friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else they know that's interested in your business. Then, the people who have received the referral cards will come to your company and receive some sort of perk, usually a discount off of their purchase. Your customers who passed out your referral cards tend to get rewarded too.

Boost your jewelry store marketing with referral cards

The key to making your referral program work is to make it easy for customers to participate and find a reward that motivates engagement. After all, if your current customers aren't interested in whatever you're offering them in exchange for passing out your referral cards, they likely won't participate. However, once you find the right reward for customers, you'll see new customers walking through your doors without you having to lift a finger.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to put your referral program into action because you'll have a lot of customers coming to your jewelry store. Use the busy time of year to give out your referral cards so that new referrals will show up later in the year.

Custom Signage

Do you have an important piece of information that you want to share with all of your customers? Do it with custom signage! Whether you want to raise awareness for your referral program, highlight a new line of products for Valentine's Day, or advertise a Valentine's Day sale, custom signage is there for you to help communicate with your customers.

Custom signage for a jeweler

When designing your signs, you'll want to consider the psychological effects of color and how that impacts your message. For example, red triggers powerful emotions that are both positive and negative. For instance, red can be seen as a color of passion and power, but it can also be viewed as a sign of danger and pain. Red is great for creating a sense of urgency, making it an ideal color for promoting sales, but perhaps not great for encouraging customers to sign up for your loyalty program. For more information on the psychological effects of color for your signs, click here.

In addition to color, the font also plays a big role in the effectiveness of your signage. Oftentimes, it's a good idea to use the font you use in your branding because it adds to your brand's consistency and can lead to higher brand awareness. However, at Plastic Printers, our team of in-house designers has all of the expertise you need to design the perfect signage for your jewelry store and Valentine's Day.

With the addition of these marketing tools, your jewelry store will be in a position to take its marketing to the next level in time for Valentine's Day! If you need any of the marketing tools mentioned in this article or other custom marketing tools like business cards or promo cards, we can help! Please reach out to us; we're happy to provide your jewelry store with the marketing tools it needs.

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