20 Killer Plastic Business Card Designs

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Working at Plastic Printers, I have the pleasure to see quite a few exceptional business card designs come across my desk. Experience has shown that while having a plastic business card will certainly make you stand out in the crowd, it's tying the medium (clear plastic card) with a great design that makes your first impression unforgettable. 

I've put together a set of 20 inspirational plastic business card sample designs for your convenience.

Don't design your next set of plastic business cards without first taking a look at these! It is sure to inspire and help you take your design to the next level. 

1) Opaque White Ink on Clear Business Cards

Clear Business Card with White Blocker

The QA Graphics card successfully uses our unique white blocker. We love it because it leverages a unique advantage of our printing process (opaque white ink on a clear business card). Their customers love it because the design is unforgettable! By reversing their logo out of a white printing layer, their cards not only look great but are low cost.

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2) Waterproof Business Cards

Brewery Business Card

The Lab Brewing Company is a fantastic example of everything a business card should be. After touring Milwaukee and visiting several breweries, I can attest to the fact that this card stands out amongst its competitors. That being said, it's also water and beer proof!

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3) Colorful Clear Business Card

Colorful Clear Business Card

Unforgettable, MediaRevo brings us a colorful clear business card that leaves people wishing they had seen it before they designed their business cards.

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4) See Through Business Cards

Minimalist Clear Business Card

Incredibly simple yet powerful, Patrick Chondon uses only our white blocker for a very minimalist business card design. There is an adage to remove elements until you get to the point where if you removed more, it would not be the thing you are looking to create. I think Patrick's card is an excellent example of this simplicity in use and a lesson to those who believe every card has to look like something out of Nascar.

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5) Custom Business Cards 

Green Business Card for 4Point0

The most visually powerful, yet simple cards that we have seen, 4Point0 shoots for the moon with their 1-color design. Ornate leaf patterns adorn their logotype, which pops thanks to the white layer separating the front and back of the card.

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6) Clear Plastic Business Cards

Clear and Orange Business Card for Fusion 92

Fusion 92 brings us a great marketing company business card design that takes a standard paper business card design (fully opaque and rectangular), and accents it with the unique feel of a plastic business card. To elevate their cards even further, they add a clear top and bottom element that makes the design pop.

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7) Business Card with Colored Transparency

Green Business Card for Advent Creative

Advent Creative is a favorite around here when it comes to graphic designer business cards due to their ability to bring out the strengths of the transparent card, ink, and the opaque white blocker. 

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8) Viewfinder Business Card Design

Clear Viewfinder Photographer Business Card

A popular trend for photographer and videographer business cards, Black Tent Productions brings us an excellent viewfinder business card design. Not only is it a business card, but a useful tool in helping prospects think of their brand captured on video. 

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9) Transparent Business Cards with Viewfinder Element

Clear Medical Business Cards

Playing on their great logo, Bloodhound Hematology wowed us with a fantastic medical company business card design. Using a popular viewfinder element, bold solid colors, and the infinity element of their logo isolated on clear, this card is guaranteed to stand out amongst their competition. 

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10) Clear Business Card Design for Realtors

Clear Real Estate Business Cards

Very popular with realtors, consultants, and motivational speakers, business cards with your portrait are unforgettable on plastic. Mandie's card does a great job of showcasing her image by keeping the information simple. Black text with a black horizontal bar makes up the layout with her name highlighted in our stunning white blocker.

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11) Unique Business Cards

Gentlemen's Club Business Card Design

Steven Riccio's Gold design adds a ton of class and upscale feeling to this gentlemen's club business card design. It is truly a work of art, utilizing many aspects of great design. Eye-catching, unforgettable and classy instantly come to mind when viewing this card.

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12) Photography Business Cards

Creative Photographer Business Card

Another photographer business card! Marcell's card utilizes the popular viewfinder design along with his great logo. I particularly love the white logo on the back as it adds interest and class to this great card.

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13) Water Resistant Business Cards

Waterproof Business Card

It is a well-documented fact that our plastic business cards are waterproof (see for yourself!). Kahuka takes it to the next level by making a business card that looks wet! The high-definition water droplets that adorn the design are striking, and the card seems wet from a distance. 

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14) Business Card Printing

Superhero Themed Clear Business Card

Thundershot Studios worked with an illustrator to come up with a great superhero-themed business card design for their brand. The clean, vector style of the illustration lends itself to the highest-quality printing and resolution.

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15 & 16) Realtor Business Cards

Custom Shaped Realtor Business Card

When trying to stand out, realtors have their work cut out for them! It is a profession with literally hundreds of competitors in each town! Both Christopher (above) and Lillian's (below) cards take the high road by creating an undoubtedly high-end first impression that reflects their expertise. The assumption is that if they are able to invest in beautiful, expensive cards like this, then they MUST be very good at what they do.

This feeling that the prospect has when you hand them your plastic business card speaks to a part of the prospect that your words and logic will never reach. That is what makes them the little-known secret weapon of professionals everywhere.

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17) Unique Business Card Design


I generally am a fan of the less is more philosophy of design, and this Home Staging Works business card example speaks directly to my heart. Focusing on the great logo, the clear plastic card material is highlighted with a reversed roof of a house and the words "Staging & Design" watermarked in the negative space.

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18) Custom Business Cards with Clear Elements

Automotive Marketing Clear Business Card

Knowing that Austin was the Ford MySync expert, we focused the design around the interior of a Ford Mustang - complete with a see-through windshield and windows. What came out of it was awe-inspiring and incredibly unique!

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19) Financial Consultant Business Card

Financial Consultant Business Card

I can't help but love both the design of this financial consultant business card, but also the utilization of the two-sided graph design. On the front, there is the word "buy," and if you flip the card, there is the word "sell." Then the chart hurtles towards the earth at a breakneck speed. This design is an excellent example of how some creativity can take a relatively dull market and make a significant impact!

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20) Foil Business Cards

Gold Foil Frosted Business Cards

Gold foil is the perfect way to elevate any business card and give off a feeling of sophistication and luxury. I love how The M//M Group used gold foil to highlight their logo and make it pop. They created a bold design that is sure to be an eye-catcher.

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