Use Your Tax Refund to Earn Your Business More Money!

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Reinvest your refund or marketing budget into what matters most... making more money! Not quite sure where your money will do the best work? Answer these three simple questions to help you get started:

1. What does your business do?
This is part of your brand. It is what you do and the types of products or services that you offer.

2. Who buys your product?
Your ideal customers are a small piece of your buyer persona. Click here for a free buyer persona worksheet.

3. Why should people buy from you?
Your value as a company lies in what you do better than your competition.

Knowing these three things well = MORE MONEY!

You've heard the phrase that it takes money to make money, right? So, let's stop taking wads of money and throwing them at a wall and hoping that one sticks. Instead consider these options.


Thank your top clients

If you have a brick and mortor location, consider hosting an event to bring people into your location and encourage them to bring guests. Not only will your top clients be excited for the recognition, but the strength of a satisfied customer referral is priceless!

However, if your business is solely online, you may consider sending a hand written thank you note. The practice of hand written cards are rarely used these days. The importance is not in quantity, but quality of the letter being personal and specific to your client.

Upgrade your first impression 

There are many ways to make this happen, but in business usually your business card is your first impression. Although what Joel Bauer has to say may be controversial, he does make some excellent points about what your business card truly communicates to your clients about you and your business. Does your business card start a conversation or does it end one? 


We may know a thing or two about using business cards to make your business stand out ;)  See some of the best here

Revamp your storefront

It may be in your budget to completely overhaul your storefront, but something as simple as adding potted flowers in front of your door creates an inviting feeling and successfully welcomes your clients in. Once in your doors, adding scents, music or even simple decor can actually encourage people to buy. Don't believe us? There is actually something called scent marketing - check it out here!

Host a contest on social media 

A great way to increase your social media following is to run sporatic contests. By using tools like Rafflecopter, you have the ability to include several different options to encourage people to gain more entries such as liking and following your social media, following your blog, asking them questions and so much more! Who doesn't like winning free stuff?


tax refund, marketing, business, social media, customers, clients, budget

Consider your online presence 

In this day and age, everyone should have an online presence whether it be a website, blog or social media. In order to make your web presence work for you, people need to see it! How do people see it? By using things like Pay Per Click (PPC), inbound marketing and utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- it will drive your target market directly to you.


Is this all going over your head? Marketing firms are a great tool to help you get the right people to your business.


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