The Earth Friendly Benefits of Plastic Cards

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During your lifetime, you may have heard unflattering things about the use of plastic. But we're here to clean up that reputation and show you how your plastic cards have a good relationship with Mother Earth. Recently, dramatic improvements in some plastic products have made them a safe product of choice for the environment.  It’s true! In fact, the next time you place an order for your plastic business cards, you might be doing the environment a favor.  Consider these facts about your plastic cards from Plastic Printers:


  • You could eat off those things!  Your cards from Plastic Printers are printed on “Food-Grade Teslin Substrate,” the same material that touches the packaged food you buy from the grocery store.

  • You can recycle them!  Teslin substrate is not only recyclable, it is manufactured under the strictest guidelines for environmental safety and waste reduction. 

  • They are highly durable. You never have to worry about damage from bends, rips, water spills, or the other misfortunes that create enormous waste of paper business cards.  

  • They are free of dangerous heavy metals. Teslin is certified to contain no lead, cadmium, mercury or hexavalent chromium.  Furthermore, it contains no detectable quantities of antimony or arsenic. 

  • You are fighting deforestation. Your plastic cards do not use any tree-based materials.  In other words, when you buy plastic cards from Plastic Printers you’re not only making a purchase that is non-toxic, you are helping save trees. 

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  • They are 65% silica.  Do you know what silica is?  It’s derived from sand.  Pure and simple.


The most important reason why these cards are eco-friendly is because you won’t want to throw them away and neither will your customers!