How to Accomplish Touchless Payment in Today's World of COVID-19

During this pandemic time, every business has been faced with severe challenges. For many re-opening businesses, one of the many problems they face is how to conduct payment safely. Countless companies use payment systems that require customers to touch parts of the system as part of their payment process, but with COVID-19, utilizing a touch payment system can pose as a health risk. So, what's the solution?

Businesses have been searching for answers, from trying to disinfect their payment systems to giving customers gloves. However, the problem isn't easily solved. Let's take a look at some of the ways companies are trying to make touch payment safe in today's landscape and a new innovation that could be a solution for your business.

Why Can't I Just Disinfect the Payment System?

You're probably wondering why you can't merely disinfect the payment system frequently to keep it clean and safe for customers to use. After all, disinfectant is easy to apply, and should be an excellent way to keep your payment system clean, right? There is currently a shortage of disinfectants and other supplies, so that wouldn't be as easy as it sounds. If you were able to find disinfectant, sanitizing your kiosk, point of sale system, or payment processor after every single use could be time-consuming, and the expenses can add up quickly. Plus, even with constant sanitization, the likelihood of employees getting all of the bacteria on every inch of the payment processor is slim. 

What About Gloves?

Medical gloves don't work well with touch screens

Gloves might sound like the perfect solution to the touch payment problem, but not so fast. Some payment processors have touchscreens, and they are fickle; they won't work well or at all if certain conditions aren't met. With disposable gloves, getting them to work well on a touchscreen can be difficult. There are disposable gloves that are compatible with touchscreens, but they are much more expensive, and probably not something you want to give out to all of your customers.

Another issue with gloves is that they can be transferring germs when they are being used. When gloves touch a surface with germs, the germs will remain on the gloves after being removed from the surface. So, while gloves protect your customers' hands from coming into contact with droplets and germs directly, if they touch the gloves when they remove them and do not immediately wash their hands, they are at risk of catching or spreading the virus. Or, if they wear their gloves through your store and then check out with them. All of the germs from everything that they touched are now on that screen.

A Solution for Touchless Payment: Sure-Touch Sticks

So, how can you achieve touchless payment? One solution for touch payment systems during this pandemic is Sure-Touch Sticks. You probably haven't heard of Sure-Touch Sticks before; they're a new innovation explicitly designed to solve this problem by acting as an extension of the finger.

Touch Sticks work with any touch screen

What can i use the sure-touch stick for?

Sure-Touch Sticks are uniquely engineered to be used with all kinds of touch surfaces, including smartphones, iPads and tablets, credit card machines, touch kiosks, and touch payment systems. They are both for business and personal use; they can be used to do everything a finger can like using a touchscreen, dialing a phone, calculating a tip, browsing the internet, signing your name, and making payments. You can even use them to push buttons that are not on a touchscreen. To see the Sure-Touch Stick in action, click here.

How to use Sure-Touch Sticks?

Sure-Touch Sticks have a round end, which is where your customers will hold it in between their thumb and pointer finger like they would hold a pen or pencil. Next, they place the bent end down on the touchscreen surface and begin to use it. It's that easy. Once they have used it for it's intended purpose, they dispose of the Sure-Touch Stick without touching anything. 

Touch Sticks are perfect for touchscreen payment systems

As businesses continue to re-open, they are finding that there is a new normal. For the foreseeable future, companies are going to have to increase safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure their workplace is a safe place for everyone. Sure-Touch Sticks can help you usher in the new normal at your company if your business wants to achieve touchless payment.

Do you have any questions about utilizing Sure-Touch Sticks at your business? Give us a call! Whether you have some questions or are ready to get started on your order, the experts at Plastic Printers are ready to help you keep your business safe.

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