Top 10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

When your business revolves around image, as plastic surgery does, your marketing materials should relay the same level of professionalism. Whether you are handing out a business card, gift card, or VIP cards, your branding should be consistent.

We surveyed our team members and came up with the most requested items for Plastic Surgery Centers.

Check out our Top 10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Clear Business Cards


Clear plastic business cards are a huge hit in all industries, but especially for plastic surgeons. Many people have never seen a clear plastic card, so when you hand them your clear business card, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a second glance.

Frosted Plastic Cards


Similar to clear business cards, frosted plastic cards are very unique and highly sought after. We love the way that Chrysalis Plastic Surgery, Inc. used this bold color combined with a black and white photograph.

Variable Printing


Clear cards aren't just for business cards. Jeffrey C. Dawes utilized this creative design aspect in the gift certificates that they were handing out at an expo. Another great feature used on these cards is variable printing which offered them the opportunity to print unique numbers on each card as well as different offers.

Writable Plastic Cards 


Spa Bella Skin Care & Laser Center created custom VIP Discount cards for their best clients and utilized a writable surface for their clients to sign. Each card is also printed with a unique VIP number which was achieved through variable printing.

Face-Value Cards


You don't need to have a Point-of-Sale (POS) company to use these gift cards, they can be treated just like cash as their value is listed directly on the card. Face-value cards are generally treated as a one-time use card for easy tracking.

Custom Gift Cards


A great way to promote a new product, service or even a new location is to send out custom printed gift cards to your top tier of clientele. This will encourage them to come in when they were not already planning to. 

Custom Key Tags


Rather than sending your clients out with a larger credit card sized VIP card, some businesses opt for something a little smaller and more portable. Key tags make an excellent tool for your business that is easy for your clients to carry around with them.

Magnetic Stripe Cards


Cards printed with a magnetic strip have a very elite feel to them and many clients equate them to credit cards. If your business has a POS system in place, using a magnetic stripe or barcode on your gift card makes tracking much easier for your employees.

Foil-Stamped Cards


Sometimes, simple is best. This beautiful VIP card features a silver foil-stamped logo on the front and essential information on the back. The QR code leads to a page that lists the specific offers that the VIP members will enjoy and gives you the ability to change the offers on the page as frequently as you wish without worrying about them being printed on the card.

QR Code


We love the use of imagery on the front of this card combined with the clean look of the back. Wolin Plastic Surgery Center also chose to use our writable surface with a QR code linking to additional VIP membership rewards details.

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