A Rewarding Vacation with Hotel Rewards Programs

Price, location, and amenities: as you look through the hotel's reviews and website, those are the things guests usually consider before booking a hotel. Some customers are willing to go all out, while others want to get the best bang for their buck. When comparing those criteria, how does your hotel stack up your rivals?

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Unfortunately, it is nearly an impossible task to be the best in all three categories. But that does not mean you cannot be successful! Promote your strengths and give your customer a one-of-a-kind vacation and they will forget that their hotel is not right on the beach. Don't stop there; continue to let them experience your brand with hotel rewards programs.

Hotel rewards programs are designed to do exactly what it sounds like: guests earn points, for spending money, at your hotel that they can put towards rewards. The main point of these programs is to help establish a relationship between you and your customers. It encourages them to keep coming back to your hotel brand to earn points and eventually cash in. Want to find out how to create effective hotel rewards programs? Let's examine some different factors.

Enticing Customers with Hotel Rewards

Before you do anything, you have to outline the structure of your program and define what your hotel rewards are going to be. The prizes, discounts and rewards are going to be the incentive for them to sign up for your rewards program. You can build awareness all you want, but without enticing rewards, your customers have no reason to sign up. 

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Let me give you an example! Hotel deLuxe has a rewards program that dazzles its guests. With the Hotel deLuxe Club Card, members receive 10% off at the hotel and a local restaurant, special guestroom rental, food and beverage purchases, as well as access to complimentary mini-golf. Their hotel guests get all of these exclusive amenities just for being a rewards member. And that's only one example; you can offer your guests whatever you want. Some hotels offer discounted room rates or complimentary room upgrades, while others offer discounted rental car rates and exclusive guest services. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities.

The point is that you need to have hotel rewards that appeal to your guests. Rewards are what will drive them to come back to your hotel over a competitor. If they are working toward a prize they are interested in; they have no incentive to go anywhere else because they are already invested in your system.

Promoting Your Rewards Program

If customers are not aware of your rewards or loyalty program, they will not sign up. It sounds obvious! But let's go over the steps you should you be taking to raise awareness. Hotels are fortunate enough to have many resources to communicate with their guests.

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Let's start with your website; this is where a majority of people book their trips. So when people try to book a room online, ask if they are a member of your rewards program and give them the option of signing up. It's a simple and convenient way to alert your customers. The next place to promote your hotel rewards programs is at your front desk. Place a display stand or other signage on the desk, so guests can see your rewards cards as they are checking in. Also, make sure the employee behind the desk is extremely knowledgeable about your program. So they can explain it to your customers and talk about how it's beneficial to them.

Other places that you can advertise hotel rewards programs is on your company's hotel key card. A tool that they use every single day. Give them a gentle reminder that your program is a fun way to earn prizes and save money. Finally, you can place table tents or information cards around the hotel or in rooms to communicate further with your guests. Raising awareness and educating your customers on your rewards program is vital to its success. Maintain this constant effort throughout the life of your program.

How Your Hotel Benefits

So your customers are signed up and invested in your rewards program. How exactly does it benefit you? One of the benefits is acquiring new customers. For many, traveling is a luxury and they only travel as much as they can afford, so they spend countless hours looking for the best dealsSo if your hotel rewards card helps save your guests money, it will help attract travelers from a broader range of budgets.

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Another way you can gain customers is through referrals. Customers can refer your hotel in a conversation or when they post pictures of their trip. Overall, people love to share their travel experiences and tips. Travel expenses add up quickly, so if your guests are satisfied with your hotel rewards, they will most likely recommend it to family and friends. Referrals from trusted friends and family are a powerful way of getting new business.

And like I mentioned early, a hotel rewards card is an excellent tool for helping you boost customer loyalty too. It gives your customers a reason to stick with a specific brand and ensures your customers think of you first when it comes time for a vacation. If you decide to implement a rewards program into your hotel, Plastic Printers has the hotel rewards card you need. With a team of experts on your side, your hotel points program can be highly effective. Have questions on how you can implement a great rewards program at your hotel? Give us a call today. 

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