10 Creative Custom Die Cut Cards

When it comes to business cards, gift cards, and other marketing materials, you want your business to stand out. One of the most requested items that we offer is custom shapes because we can create something unique to your business. For instance, let's say that your logo is the shape of a giraffe; we can make a custom die cut in the shape of a giraffe for your plastic cards.

Some of the best uses of custom shapes:

We are constantly adding to our inventory of unique custom shaped cards. For our first installment in our creative custom die cut cards, we have chosen 10 of our newest projects.

10 New Custom Shaped Die Cut Cards

1. Puzzle Piece Shaped Appointment Card

Puzzle Piece Shaped Writable Appointment Reminder Card

2. Custom Flower Die Cut Card

Custom Clear Plastic Flower Die Cut Card

3. Frame Shaped Business Card

Photo Picture Frame Shaped Business Card

4. Vehicle Shaped Business Card

Unique Custom Jeep Vehicle Shaped Business Card

5. Butterfly Shaped Membership Cards

Writable Butterfly Shaped Membership Cards

6. Fancy Event Reserved Signs

Fancy Wedding Reserved Reception Table Signs

7. Custom Index Chart Ruler Cards

Custom Color and Size Index Chart Ruler Cards

8. Spinning Circle Die Cut Cards

Spinning Circle Die Cut Cards

9. Speech Word Bubble Promo Cards

Speech Word Bubble Promotional Cards

10. Golden Ticket Promo Cards

Golden Ticket Writable Gym Promotional Cards

While deciding on what shape would work best for your business, here are a few ideas:

Not sure what shape would work best for your business?  Let our talented team members help you create something one of a kind.

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