Plastic Business Cards, Leaving Paper in the Trash


How many business cards do you hand out in a month? If you're anything like me, the answer is, a lot less than I used to. Back in the early 2000's, I handed out a dozen cards a week. Now, if I hand out a dozen in a month, it's a big month.

So, how does that change the way we do business?

Business cards are still an important part of my business. They add a credence to what I do, and show people that I'm for real. But in a world where we're all fighting for the same business space, what can you do to get ahead?

At Plastic Printers we make plastic business cards. It's one of a handful of products we offer. So, what I want to talk about today, is why you should dump your paper cards in the trash, and step it up.

What's so cool about plastic business cards?

Let's start with quality. A plastic business card is thicker, heavier, and more premium feeling. They're available with a bunch of clever designs, including clear and frosted accents. And they put you in a class by yourself.BusinessCards_0002.jpg

The world marketplace is becoming more competitive. The world is shrinking, and business plays a big part in that. You need to make sure that you set yourself apart any way you can.

You're likely already doing this. You wear a nice suit. You drive a nice car. You spend extra on a haircut to ensure you look your best when meeting clients. You want their first impression of you to be of a successful business person. Why should your business card be any different?

At the end of the day, your client is going to meet with, or get bids from different people. Then at some point, they're going to have your card on a desk next to the other cards from your competitors. Don't you want your card to tell a story? Don't you want the client to look at it and say, "Where did you get those? I'd love to get plastic cards for my company!"

So what's your hesitation? Is it cost? We make cards at very reasonable rates. Especially for your entire company, they'll often be less expensive than paper! But even for an individual, I have card prices starting at under $200.IMG_0275.jpg

When you think about it, if you close 3 more deals a month because you have better cards, wouldn't that be worth 3x that?

If you're interested in talking about cards, shoot me an email today, and we can setup a time. I can have a custom design made up for you at no cost. Then you tell me if these are worth the money for you.

 Feel free to email me with any questions!