Custom Coaster Examples to Inspire Your Local Marketing Campaign

A local marketing campaign can be a strong advantage for your business. It allows you to establish trust, attract more customers, and build credibility as a company. A fun marketing technique that expands your business exposure is using custom coasters. This is a unique way to get a custom message out to your target audience. Hand them out to local businesses, bars, restaurants, events, trade shows, or even to residential homes to get the best results.

Customizing your coaster will allow your company to create a highly-visible promotional product that represents your brand perfectly. There are so many different ways to use a coaster; here are a few coasters for inspiration! 

Car Coasters

Your coaster can double as a business card! Kiss's Collision has created a high-impact first impression by showcasing what they do best and providing all of the necessary information for their clients to contact them. Their car coaster is a creative alternative for a business card that will make them stick out from competitors. 


Bar Coasters

Many businesses engage with their clients in person, however they rarely think about the opportunity of leaving behind a useful item. Coasters can be used in almost every household because they protect tables from being damaged. When your clients use the coasters, they will constantly be reminded of your business.


Custom Coasters

After doing business with your customers, leave a gift with them to show your appreciation. Inmotion Realty used their custom coasters to congratulate their clients on a new home. This shows your customers that you care about the experience that they had with your company.


Drink Coaster

A drink coaster can be used for customers to leave reviews or comments about their experience with your business. This will benefit your company because you will be able to get instant feedback, which will allow your company to learn and grow in a positive way.


Unique Coasters 

Not very many people think to market through a coaster. When coasters are used by people, they are continuing looking at it without thinking that they are being marketed to. Use the space to make unique coasters that will grab everyone's attention and cause them start talking about your company.


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